Thoughts from the AMEN Pew #36

What a goddamn week. Oof. Well lets get into the preaching.

Well, you fuckers got what you wanted. Now you get to YOLO all you fucking want out there. To be fair, it’s been a good week in the pandemic anyway you slice it.

So I mean……good? I can only hope doses keep up. Apparently, fucking human beings need an incentive to do anything positive for their fellow man, but I’ll take it. If we can get vaxxed up and manage to beat this fucking thing. Bully.

I’m just hoping it keeps up. You like where we are? You like shit going back to locked up. No? Get your vaccine? Bad cell service? Get vaxxed up and get that 6G everywhere you go!

If you think we need to get rid of unemployment to fix the “labor shortage”, you are fucking wrong. Abolish work. The entire work equation needs to be rethought. This is not an employee problem; this is an employer problem. So fucking fix it. Pay people more you dumbshits.

You know who is having a bad week. Ol Incel Memes. First, he spreads his mediocrity all over SNL. Then….well….then he did that thing that made me so happy.

You fucking LOVE to see it. I told you. I told you over and over again. Don’t buy into this hype. When the adults get in the room, things go to shit. Well there you go. Now you have 1,000% shame. I’m fucking eating it up with a spoon.

Not only does Ol Incel Memes look like an asshole, but fucking crypto everywhere is having a bad week. Got damn. I am petty as hell.

I’ve had some interesting reactions to my crypto piece, so I will sum up my philosophy another way. You know that part of the summer special of Pete & Pete where Artie and little Pete try to beat up the ocean cause the end of summer is coming.

That’s me vs. crypto.

I’m just trying to make sure the summer doesn’t end.

Go watch that Q documentary. Despite the abrupt ending, its actually really good.

These days we see some normalcy creeping in. I have actually had my first meal in a restaurant since the pandemic. Out on a patio, early in the morning when no one was there. And you know what, it was really nice! It was nice to be able to go do a normal thing for once.

And hell, my son just got into a gifted program at school. Things at both my and my wife’s work are going well. Its really shaping up to be a good summer.

Well, I am back on the WoW. This hasn’t been my longest break but it certainly felt the longest.

I have described WoW as the black tar heroin to every other game’s methadone. You try to stay on the methadone, but you know the brown hornet is going to come back to sting you.

And I got stung. And even though the game is as fucked as it has ever been, I’m still here.

Cause, there is nothing like battlegrounds. There is no other version of PVP that can be both interesting and casual. Plus, it is nice to completely reject the fucking world again for a bit. It is too fucking real out there, and man its nice to be something completely different and escape the unfathomable depression of existence for 5 minutes.

I did a full watch of The Thick of It, and I never got a chance to talk about it. I was a fan of In the Loop, and I completely missed the series. Lets get the easy thing out of the way. Malcolm Tucker is my fucking spirit animal. This goes without saying. But, I could write a whole blog about these little worlds of shame that Iannucci builds out. How the editors pick the exact perfect time to cut. Etc. etc.

But, I’ll tell you what really rings true for me. Incompetence. More than anything else in life, I think incompetence is radically underestimated in this world. Everyone (especially trumpites and the Q fucks) assumes fraud. Massive conspiracies out there saying the run the world.

When the reality is even simpler. Most major shifts are just caused by stupidity, shame, and confusion. Thats all it ever is. Conspiracy gives the human race too much credit.

Iannucci got it right. Human beings deserve no credit for anything.

You heard Precious Roy. Get off my boat.

Have a fantastic weekend out there. And if you vaxxed up, live your best life. Thats all anyone can ask.

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