Thoughts from the AMEN Pew #35

Been on vacation all week. Its been fantastic. And now the liquor and preachin.

Had an interesting conversation this week about what is going to happen to gamer-centric platforms that go broader. Ostensibly, it was a conversation about the possible Microsoft purchase of Discord, but it ended up shifting gears to what is going on with Twitch. The platform, originally created to stream games, has gone broader to cover all kinds of streaming from Bob Ross, to MST3k to, mostly these days, internet thots.

My thought on this is simple. Nothing stays perfect. Whether its tech made for gaming or porn or whatever, it will change. This is by default. As long as we as a world have decided that growth should be infinite, you have to grow into something.

I am completely fine with Twitch becoming a streaming platform for whatever. Twitch should be a home for every clown who wants to broadcast (within reason, there is always chaterbate).

Plus, this is totally inevitable. Just as Discord’s reach I am sure will go broader after the buy out.

I am reminded of the 95th rule of acquisition: Expand or die.

This conversation also gave me a good idea for a stream. See the general consensus seemed to be as long as you game on it, doesn’t matter what you do. That it should be for gaming. You could paint while gaming or be nude while gaming. As long as you are still gaming.

Thats why I am going to start my new twitch stream: Shitting Gamer

I’m just going to eat a bunch of shit and stream while I am on the toilet. I can picture great combinations like

  • A Taco Bell Party Pack while powering through Yoshi’s Cookie
  • 3 Chipotle Bowls with extra jalapenos while playing Lion King on Game Gear
  • Two bottles of wine and a pile of sushi while playing Totally Rad for NES

See I would be a classic gamer. It also helps with the shitting. I can see it now. “Thanks for the 20 gifted subs…OH GOD ITS ALOT….OH GOD….

There have been requests for me to give my insights into the clip from the new Ghostbusters.

Seems fine? I mean they are ripping off Sam Raimi, but one of my friends had a wise observation: If this movie ends up just being a rip-off of Army of Darkness, I am totally fine with that. There are MUCH worse things.

I’ll tell you what I like about it. It looks fun! Can you say that of anything Ghostbusters in recent memory. Or really of movies in general. Let em have it!

Speaking of MST3K, they back on Kickstarter asking for more money. This time they want their on app.

Look, I am totally fine with using Kickstarter for fundraising. Seems like a good idea. What I have a problem with is MST3k having its own app. Like does it leave Shout TV? Why everything got to have its own app.

But clearly, I am in the minority here. They have already achieved their goal, and every dollar past here is bonus. I just really hope that a show that was all about sharing the tapes that it doesn’t go the way of EXCLUSIVE.

Going to be a short one this week. The vacation has been very relaxing. Ill have a normal post next week but the week after that will be my Dose 2 report.

I cannot wait for this fucking thing to end. 1/3 have at least one shot and 1/5 are fully vaccinated. This is fantastic news, and I can only hope that this is the actual beginning of the end. Would be nice wouldn’t it.

Till next we meet congregation. Keep yo flava fresh and stay awesome.

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