Thoughts from the AMEN Pew #34

Yerrrrr, we got this new drip to flex on people son.

Oh you got all that money, well I got. CLEAN WATER COMING OUT OF MY TAP! You know what it is son. We out here with the mad drip. Literal drip. Out of my faucet.

You know what else is the mad flex. I got electricity! We got that basic modern amenities swag. I pay my bill and get the services rendered. You know the vibes.

I can go to the grocery store, and find groceries. YERRRRRRRRRRRR!

In all seriousness, what the good fuck texas. You got like over half of the people I know and care about all fucked up. You dun fucked up the power, blamed it on windmills, people in power dipping to fuckin mexico, and all the while the people of texas fucking suffer.

Seriously, if you live in texas, and you thinking about going. Fuckin go. Ol Incel Memes ain’t gunna save you. This is an uphill battle to drag texas with the rest of the country.

Texas needs to learn a fucking lesson, and they are going to learn it the hard way.

I’m sorry. This trailer looks like shit. Like…why do think people going full DC films is a good idea. Look, we don’t need a fucking serious Mortal Kombat movie. We already have the best possible MK movie. If you are going to do an MK movie. Go full MK3. Make it loud. Make it dumb. Jump into it in the middle of it.

The only think I can say is that the special effects looks better than I thought it should. But acting and script look hella F-tier.

As usual, shame is at a premium here in the Church of the Holy Flava. But sometimes, I think shame is misunderstood. If you got to do a shameful thing to make it to tomorrow (and it doesn’t really hurt anybody), thats different than doing some some shameful shit you didn’t need to do…like take a vacation in the middle of RONA country.

For example, I know certain texans that have been filling one toilet with shit after shit, and have been unable to flush. Now. Is this funny? Yes. Is it shameful? Yes. But will I shame them about it. Not in the usual way. Cause you got to do what you got to do.

Understand the difference? Clear as mud to me.

We have talked a lot about the Patron Saint of Flava, Filthy Frank before. Recently, I got to see an example of his impact…or at least, I am behind the times and just became aware of it. Two of his friends from back in the day listening to the latest single, as requested by their chat.

And……it hit me hard. I have had this experience…not in the same way. But seeing a friend make a hard left in life, kind of leave you behind, and you have to just see it happen. I know this emotion and its a weird thing.

If you notice some structural changes, had to have the resident web genius do a switch over. His blog explains why in more detail. Here’s the important part:

  • I have a search function now (see the left hand bar).
  • Shit will look a bit smoother. Less manual coding bullshit.
  • Some of the links on the old entries may be fucked up. I am going through and fixing all of them, but it may take me a few weeks to get them all. If you notice anything wrong, hit me on the pager. I keep it on vibrate, its all good.

As far as those curious about the homestead, I have been too busy to think. There is a ton going on the world, and ostensibly I was supposed to be on vacation this week. Doesn’t feel like much of a vacation if you ask me.

I often say that I wont be able to relax again until I have the shot in the arm, and to me this week proved it.

I can’t even find the will to watch anything new thats not on youtube. There are piles of new shows, movies, big shit on streaming right now. Nope, cant even make it through. I would rather watch Big Trouble in Little China for the millionth time cause I feel good watching it.

Maybe over time that will fade. I would like to think so. I mostly just want to be out of survival mode. Simple shit. I want to be able to go to a Target and just peruse. No mask. Touching shit. Not afraid I am going to get the mega plague.

I have discipline, so I am not doing any of that. But we approaching a full year of lockdown here at the homestead, and I think we are all sick of it. Bring on the shot? You don’t want it. Ill fuckin take yours. Give it to me so I can stop worrying.

Well that’s all I got for today. Hope you and yours are safe. Maybe we can get into some regularly scheduled programming. I got a few good ideas coming up. Till then, stay safe. Stay strong. Rona is still out there.

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