Thoughts from the AMEN Pew #33

Holy fucking SHIT….as usual. Shit week. Time to hit the liquor

Lets get the dicks out.

You know sometimes. Just sometimes. I feel like the mainline to the hidden secrets of the universe.

So, I said it was going to get dumb. And then it got dumber.

Now we on dogecoin. Someone asked me after the last post, whats the endgame.

At this stage, its tough to say. Even Ol Incel Memes stopped his usual shit to go after the shorts.

But I will take a guess.

Robinhood is going to fucking impload. I cannot imagine a worse way to handle this type of crisis. They are going to be the Napster of stocktrading. They will get shit on (possibly someone going to jail) for doing the same shit any wall street firm during the crisis did.

I don’t see this GME shit stopping anytime soon. I am not sure where they will move next, but the internet is out to make some points. And they will make them. If they manage to actually damage short selling….good. That will be the best thing to come out of this.

Full shout out to Durrts contributions this week. He came up with “Memesider trading” as a term, and he helped me with the Primal on that gif. He is a golden god and deserves all the accolades.

One last thing on STONKS, I have no idea where they actually go next.

I would like for them to look at how overvalued colleges are, but I am not sure how you get at that.

There is something about this internet power that I really hope continues.

The workers proletariat is discovering its power, and I am here for it.

In optimism news, I honestly think there is alot to be hopeful for with this J&J vaccine. Maybe we are at the beginning of the end. Between the vaccine developments and just the HUGE cases approaching herd immunity. Maybe we will get there.

All I know is the shit needs to end desperately.

All republicans are fucking assholes. Never vote for one for even dog catcher. They don’t want to convict the immortan. Fuck them.

Never again, you hear me. They are fucking worthless.

I want to give a quick shout out to MTG Arena. For having FAR more cards, it is much more KIND than Hearthstone. Ill keep it simple. I have had the same 3 decks since the pandemic has started and I am STILL USING THEM. In both competitive and regular. Can you say that for Hearthstone. Fuck no.

I play the shit I want to play, and everyone else can deal. Its almost like the meta is so wide that it accommodates a bit.

All I know is, its the only game I have consistently played since the pandemic started. And I will always give it that credit.

Well thats all I got the sobriety for.

Truthfully, It was a DOG shit week at work (in which everyone forgot about the pandemic and no one wants to hear realism). And I’m just glad its the weekend.

Dear congregation, hopefully you are making it through the pandemic ok. We are in the heart of darkness at the moment. Is everyone going to be right? Are we going to end up with a chill summer? I doubt it, but would easily fucking accept it.

Take care out there. Drink some good shit. Find some time to relax. And we will take it a week at a time.

Keep yo flava fresh out there. Peace.

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