Thoughts from the AMEN Pew #32 – Insurrection Edition

Yeah I had another fucking post planned for today, to discuss my favorite MF DOOM album.  It’s written, and Ill publish….later. When it makes more sense. Today, we got to talk about this stupid shit. 

In case you have been living under a fucking rock, got a nice 7min summary above, but a bunch of cracka ass crackas decided they were going to shit all over what was left of America.  

I mean, this should surprise no one. I BEEN saying this is a fucking religion and its terrifying. 

And now we have this fucking mess. 

A ton of people have said alot of important things. Ill ramble drunkenly about whatever the fuck I want. Which is really no different than normal. 


First off, this only works cause these people were white. You better believe BLM would have got roasted down. Also, how the fuck you let this happen anyway. You know all these terrorists have had to invent new ways to fuck shit up, like driving vans through crowds, Turns out, just pay the $45 for a MAGA hat and go stroll your ass into the capitol. 

I’m glad this shit ended decently, but there needs to be retribution for this shit. You STILL have people out here begging these honkeys to start it up again. The immortan needs to be impeached yesterday and throw his ass in ADX Florence for the rest of his miserable days. 

Then they need to get EVERY SINGLE one of these sketchers wearing assholes and shove them in the prisons. When you legalize weed and abdicate every single person for their weed crimes, you will have plenty of room for these fuckin shitheads. 

I have no compassion for any of these fools. And really there is a deeper question. 

What happens now? Like you can’t put these fuckin people back in the box.  Like they out there now…..and next time is going to be fucking worse. Cause these pieces of shit got shit piles of guns. 

Bigly federal charges need to come down now. But even if they do…..what happens now. Even if the immortan goes away….like these motherfuckers are still out there……and that fuckign terrifies me. 

Fuck Rouses stupid ass and their giant fucking Wayne Manor on the Bayou. Hopefully this shame hits you where it counts. 

And underneath all this shit. The rona just keeps on truckin.  They dont care what complaints the white man has. Death is coming for us all. I actually pulled my son back to remote learning cause half (!) his class either has the rona or is quarantined for it. 

Its wild and I see no end in sight. Doses are slow as fuck, and deaths are at an all time high. I feel like we have even worse days ahead than behind….


A bit of hope in these dark times. Fuckin Georgia did it. Fuckin did it. Both senators dems. First black senator ever in Georgia. This is some special shit. Every organizer deserves every accolated and hero worship. 

Now, to fufill all the promises. I really hope thats the main lesson the Democrats take from this. We have no excuses. We have to get to work fufilling our obligations and fixing this fucking broken ass country. 

Well,  hopefully we stabalize a bit and get to regular programming? I dunno. We should all try to stay hopeful. Can’t have these motherfuckers own everything. We won. And now we carry on the business. 

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