Thoughts from the AMEN Pew #31

 OOOOOOF The liquor be hittin

Been a little bit of a minute, but I hit the liquor so it feels appropriate. 

Lets start with some positive shit. 

I fucking love the shit Grohl did over Hanukkah. Fantastic ideas, and we got some really strong covers out of it. But, I want to highlight this one specifically. Man, does this hit all the Right Reverend’s priorities. Raunch. Stupidity. The original artist jumping onboard. Raunch. 

I think more than the other 8, this one the sparse production (synth with live drums) totally works. Some how gives it the aggressive edge that the original version had. Well done. Clearly the best Hanukkah present anyone could ask for. Mazel Tov!

Oh the mayo tastes of desperation today.

You dun fucking lost. You fucking know you did. 

And now, what is FACINATING to me, is how much the QAnon white-ass preaching has splintered.

QAnon is alot like SCP if it was unseasoned grilled chicken and shame. In that people build upon each other to create a narrative of horseshit. For SCP, its the creeps. For QAnon its about making whitey feel like their story of sitting at home, getting fatter and dumber matters. It doesn’t. 

I would post links to some shit, but I dont want to give them the web hit. But man, they can’t get their stories straight. Maybe WWIII is right around the corner. Maybe the immortan lost on purpose, and this is all part of the plan that leads to the coming storm. Maybe JFK Jr is the secret savior fighting the Kabal and will appear after spending 2 decades eating Domino’s in a basement, and BOOM: President.

Or, now hear me out on this.

Or fucking nothing. The most metal present of all

Nothing is going to happen. Biden is going to become president, and we will go back to forgetting we have a president for a time. Its like Patton’s Brother said. I haven’t thought of biden once today. I like that. Thats amazing. I didnt think about him all day and that makes him the best president ever.

One of my best friends and a true hero got vaccinated this week. This is how I know we will beat this thing. Motherfucker was exposed to COVID patients constantly at the hospital. Never caught it, cause he did all the shit he should. And now in 6 weeks he will be immune. 

Eat shit rona. 

I got the monkey off my back this week. 

I never thought it could happen. 

But a WoW Expansion just came out, and I have quit. 

I have spent probably 4 hours on the thing so far, here’s my hot take. Holy shit am I too old to level again. I have leveled through 6 expansions and I am sick of it.

And I never gave a dogshit about the lore. Oh we going to steal from the good place now. Except just add extra steps to where the afterlife has different factions and shit.

How many different factions do we need. Got damn. I am tired of systems. 

Remember hitting max level. And then you could PVP only. I remember that.

I remember Mists. I remember having 3 alts I could switch from to do PVP. That was GLORIOUS. 

Holy shit. 

God I miss that. But too bad. Its all gone. Pour one out to a lost time. Truthfully, I feel a bit like a dirty Classic player. Like I am chasing after something I lost. 

And after quitting, I feel…euphoria. I feel free. I gif’d more this week than I had in a month. I got to play some old video games I have been digging. Man, its been nice. 

So let it go. To the sands of time. Farewell for now WoW. I know the methadone wont last. WoW is the eternal heroin. But for now, I am glad to see it go. 

The government and pretty much all the states will fail in this antitrust shit against Facebook. Not that I am defending Facebook, its trash. 

No, the legal system is slow. They will be in fact discovery for a year. Motions for a year after that. Depositions for a year after that. And by the time they get to trial….

Facebook wont be the superpower it was. It happened to Microsoft. Itll happen to Facebook. Something will take its place. Itll make some great argument about how its not the only super power, and that will be it. 

To be honest, the government should have thought of something else. This feels ill-advised. 

But sure, go ahead and sue. Waste everyone’s time. You gunna do it anyway. 

Speaking of internet complaining, Cyberpunk 2077.  Its a video game fam. Do like me. Wait till it comes on steam sale if you are worried. Ride out the patches. 

Come on, your energy is better spent trying to make it to tomorrow. 

Well, its Christmas time.  And I almost forgot to let loose the annual celebration of the most amazing christmas song ever recorded. I wont do a christmas post next week. Got some request for posts going in, so I am going to try to go back to the more thought out format instead of drunk ramblings. So the next post probably wont have anything to do with Christmas. So I will make my christmas post now. As Aaron Neville says, “May your day’s be cheerful, and your burdens be light.” Despite all the misfortune. Hope you and yours are strong. Take it easy out there. Have some good liquor. Be chill. 

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