Thoughts from the AMEN Pew #30 – Election 2020 Edition

Broh, I been drinkin since tuesday

Oh dear congregation, we left shit in a bleak spot, didn’t we?

I shouldn’t have done the live blog. Live and learn. And I learned. 

That was a dark fucking night. I think there is a faction of people who were completely shocked that anyone could vote for the immortan.  I am not. Of course they did. I think a ton of people SEVERELY underestimated the number of completely worthless pieces of shit that exist on planet earth. 

I am not…shocked. I was….numb, but not shocked. 

And now where we are. Where no one has the fuckin scrote to call it for Yung Beezy. And the immortan be out here talkin shit

My prediction for this fight….the immortan doesn’t back down, but he doesn’t have enough people to juice him. Eventually, Yung Beezy is declared the winner, and he becomes the next president.

And fuckin good luck to him, I wouldn’t want to be president. Its going to be some dark shit. 

In plague news, the US hit another all time high. The second all this election bullshit is over. This is going to take ove rthe news. 

The disease is already running rampant, and its only going to get worse. This is early days yet. 

Hit the grocery store. Get good shit. We in for it, mane. 

After having this disease rock through my whole family, I don’t want to touch this with a 10 meter cattleprod.

Speaking of good shit, I really love this sidetalkidetalk channel.  They must be poppin more on things that aren’t youtube, but I really like their content. Especially spidercuz. He’s my hero. 

NYC is most definitely not dead. Its just as fucking weird as it always was. 

Why the fuck would you do this?

Who decides Bruce Vilanch‘s shoes is what you want to fill. 

This feels like a bad idea, ontop of a bad idea. I am fucking SURE it will be better than the original cause a struggle shit would be better than the original. 

Its just like: this is the bottom of the well. There is nothing worse that you could make a remake of. This is the parking lot that creativity goes to die in. Why do this to yourself. I dont know. 

But Billy Dee’s getting paid. So that’s good. 

Alright, i am going to keep this one short. 

So much shit is in limbo. Its difficult to figure out what direcgtion you are going to head into. 

But, I think….maybe we have a taste of light….


I dunno. Keep it fresh out there. Not sure how much freshness is left at this point. But do your best. 


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