Thoughts from the AMEN Pew #3

Trailer park boys says get drunk

You know what it is. The sacramental wine is open. We are in the process of getting drunk as fuck. Time for more rants from the AMEN pew. 

 People really love A. A. Ron, bowl names, I said bitchhhhhhh and what not. But for my money. This is the best Key and Peele sketch. 

They did it. Its their best. Key can go be in every movie ever made. And Peele can go the auteur route of making masterpieces

 This episode of Thoughts from the AMEN Pew is brought to you by my newest product:

Fellas are you tired of going to the club when something doesnt feel quite right. You have tried all the usual tactics. Screaming at women until they either go home with you or call the police (more likely). Parking a car across three spots to show everyone at the club how much a man you are. Stuffing a cucumber down your pants

Well worry no more. The Right Reverend has a new product for all your clubbin needs. The new cologne: QUEEF MUSK

Its as subtle as the name. Its guaranteed to repel and disgust within 0.0023 seconds of walking into the club. Now you can smell how you actually are in your soul. 

Queef Musk: Made by Scumbags; made for Scumbags.

Queef Musk: Makes up for your unfortunate wang

Queef Musk: The stank thats rank and not dank

When I am on google news, I want to know the fucking news. Not who is unfollowing and following whose instagram. Like look, I understand I am old. And I understand that papers got to make money. But some times, it IS the kids who are fucking wrong

Like seriously dogg. Isnt there ANNYYYYYTHHIINNNGGGG else to worry about. Who gives a shit who is fucking what. Like just accept that you cant escape the unfathomable depression of existence for 5 minutes. Too bad. 

 Jan-Michael Vincent passed away. Lets hear it for him. 

Alright. Im transitioning to stupid. Enjoy yo night. May your days be cheerful, and yo burdens be light. 

Have a good one

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