Thoughts from the AMEN Pew #29

What the fuck even was this week, mane? Holy shit. 

It just feels like everything is conspiring to make this week extra shitty. My son freaked out everytime he had to color a picture (too detailed, he tells me). Cases spiking so we are locking back down. 

As usual, I got a pile of blog related stuff I am behind on. I have a review to write. I have another thing I came up with, which may be the topic of choice for next week. But I didn’t get any of that because I ran myself ragged. 

Someone this week told me I need to approach things with more positivity. I am fucking positive that everything is dogshit and everyone needs to go fuck themselves. 

In RONA news, yeah cases are spiking. I see glimmers of hope, just at the edges. The flu season may not be as bad as we think (get your shot anyway).  The immortan is partially right in that a vaccine is probably by the beginning of next year

But, all of that fucking positivity aside. I have a feeling things will get stupid before they get better. People are following the immortan’s lead on the YOLO bus. Just out there trading spit and shit. 

I have a feeling in my bones that this spike is going to be strong. 

So don’t lose the vigilance. The plague is still out there. Fucking act like it. Stay home. Stay away from people, they weren’t good for you anyway.

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I am a bit behind the times, but youtube videos that are made as an afterthought are the best. 

They weren’t looking for another hit, but sometimes, a fascination with an obscure food chain from the late 70s/early 80s will pay off on youtube glory. 

Seriously though, If I had more time, I would do shit like this. But for now, I am content with gifs. 

On the gif making front, imgur is an odd fucking platform. 

First off, I have to use it. Options are limited, and it is the thing that loads the smoothest, no matter what I give it. And I can use those links on every platform on the earth (i.e. discord). 

However, it does have its drawbacks. There are a ton of power users who don’t just use it as a vault to hold all their gifs (what I do). They treat it like instagram. That means there is a whole lot of like….facebook type of shit on there, and that seems to be what people want. They DONT want it to be a place for gifs. 

So, I get alot of complaints on my posts. People want SOUND. They want like popular movie quotes. They don’t like if I am making fun of their favorite show. Oh, if anyone gets me too’d or if you think it could be cancelled, you will get hella downvoted. I have received several messages from irate imaguronians that don’t like my gifs. They are either grumpy about no sound or just wanting me to say something political. 

Motherfucker, I go to imgur to post the shit I am making to stay sane from the body politik. So eat my shit. 

Alas, I am stuck with it though. And I am not going to let it influence me. I am going to make the stupid shit I want to make. 

I am fucking glad the goddamn debates are over. After the fucking shitshow, now we are just left with some normal 10 days out from presidential election topics. People takin out the pescadeel on zoom calls. Fuckin kompromat from random ass countries in an effort to keep the US useless. And of course assholes out here to say they can drink their Mango White Claw no matter whatno matter what.  

I am making no fucking predictions in regards to the election. I went into 2016 with too much hope and I paid the iron price. 

Fuckin this time, I am just going to ride it all out. Lets see where we end up. Assuming we all can survive this shit.. 

Well thats it for now. I will leave you with a preview of next week’s blog. 

Oh also, future programming note, I am going to LIVE BLOG THE ELECTION. Thats right children. I am going to start early and go until I pass out from the liquor. Editing one post. So, keep refreshing the site for stupid on election night!

Till then, keep on kicking ass. 

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