Thoughts from the AMEN Pew #28

What a motherfucking shit tastic week

The immortan aside, I had my own COVID scare this week. So my wife and I can work, we have a nanny (probably the best word for it) to get my 5 year old through remote kindergarten. Well she got sick last friday night, and got tested. Last weekend was rough. Ton of anxiety, gnashing of teeth. She ended up testing negative. Which was a huge relief.

But, still had to do my work and make sure my son got through his school. Was UNPLEASENT. 

I kind of feel like employers across the US have forgotten that we are in a plague. I don’t feel any of the camraderie that I felt at the beginning of the show. I wonder if the human attention span is only so long these days, so COVID just feels like yesterdays news. I dunno.

Regardless, I made it through the week. Lets hope the next one is easier. 


What the fuck is the immortan doing? 

I mean, maybe all the MAGA choads are right, and really its a war of lifestyles. I cannot IMAGINE being that fucking cavalier about my life. And everyone else around me (who ostensibly cares about me). Just fucking running around with the plague, speedballing on high-dose steroids, rambling about rivers and fish and shit on fox news. 

There is a line from 24 Hour Party People that I love. Talks about when things in chaos finally break down. Its like a centrifuge coming apart. At first its even better because you feel like you are flying. Then you hit the ground. 

I have a feeling alot of people will hit the fucking ground hard in the next two weeks because the immortan spread the plague on most of the executive branch. And its already begun

Live view of me this week.

The gif game continues to go strong. Getting better at manipulating things. Seeing through content to understand what would make a good gif. 

Not much made this week, but I am proud of the few I made. Here’s another one. 

My joy this week comes from exploitation cinema. We had a discussion of favorite movie trailers, and I said this one (below) is one of my favorites. I am a huge fan of the 42nd Street Forever collection. 

I think what really impresses me about this period is that it was basically what MTV was in the 90s and what Youtube is now. If you want to see some weird shit, someone really pushing the envelope, you had to go to exploitation. There isn’t a whole lot like it. 

Don’t get me wrong, exploitation has a TON of problems (wouldn’t be exploitative without the problems), but got damn is there nothing like it. Its really a product of its time and place. Schlock makes the world go round.

[Warning: Trailer has a ton of nudity and violence. Highly NSFW]

Here’s my question: Can I have hope?

Can I have hope that anything in 2020 can be good? Can I have hope that a movie will just be a giant glorious schlockfest and not boring AF. I mean, fucking Goggins is in this. It has to be decent right?

Am I wrong to have hope? Am I wrong to just…..want joy.


 Well, my plan for the evening is to get fucking rip roaring drunk. And I believe I will be successful in this plan. 

I have a feeling in my bones that next week will be better, but maybe that is false optimism. Who knows.

Anyway, here’s this thing.

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