Thoughts from the AMEN Pew #27

I am starting to think that the only difference between this and The! New! Plague! is me being drunk af. Best drunk NA, EU, Guam.

So, fucking Hades is awesome. Roguelites, generally speaking, require a certain amount of finesse to pull off. What carries this game is mechanics. It plays so fucking smooth. The combat, the dodging. It does have bullet hell tendencies. But, i think the mechanics overpower it. Or at least make it survivable.

Yeah, it has weeaboo graphic tendancies, but it even overcomes that with mechanics. Holy shit the game is polished. 

Oh the voiceover reminds me a TON of Symphony of the Night. Give it a shot. Its great. 

When I was a kid I went to this place that I will not name with my grandmother. It was like a proto-golden corral but like. more. 

Picture a shit pre-fab house. Inside was a series of buffet bars. But each one was a different region. Chinese, Japanese, Italy, Cajun, etc. About 20 or so. The idea was to be ALL THE FOOD. 

Now, NONE OF IT was good. But that wasn’t the point I think. The point was to be everything. It was her favorite restaurant because she could have all of her favorite foods at once. 

I felt that this was worth mentioning. Too bad. 

I have become obsessed with Marc Rebillet. I can’t explain it. There is something about improving music. It doesn’t have to be perfect. It doesn’t have to be timeless. It just has to be there. “In the moment” as the buddists say. And HOLY SHIT is he in the moment. Fucking living his best life in the now. 

Plus the man has really good musical talent. Somehow taking this fucking shitshow of random ideas and bringing it back to a smooth middle. I love it. 

Maybe I wont after the rona is over. But holy shit is it hitting the right spot now. 

On the gif front, my skills are improving. I had to abandon a longer term gif request, because frankly, I am not ready for it. But so far, the gif machine has been kind to me. 

I am not sure how many gifs I will get done next week, but I am just happy anytime I complete anything.

A ton of my gif strategy is basically 1) do I think it needs to exist and 2) has anyone done it before. With that, I make alot of shit that is stuck in my head that needs to leave. This is one of them. 

Ok, I am too drunk and tired. Short post for this week. Hope everyone is doing well out there in TV land. We made it another week. Here’s to many more. 

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