Thoughts from the AMEN Pew #26

I am going to try to keep the virus talk to a minimum. Definitely not feeling like a big analysis of that shit today.

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Lets get to work

Well, we got the first three episodes of The Boys, and holy shit is just as good as last time. Top to bottom, everything is fantastic. Kripke does an amazing job adapting Garth Ennis’ material. The actors clearly love the fucking show cause they give it their all. Especially Chase Crawford as The Deep. Holy shit, he has alot of shit to power through and does an amazing job at it. 

It’s a must watch, especially now that everyone is so content starved (joke).

I really think the most important youtube channel right now is All Gas No Brakes. I don’t know how that guy has the discipline to insert himself into the fucking most wackadoo places and come out with amazing material….but it must have something to do with approaching them in a generic way. 

I feel like I have a better understanding of pretty much every major situation in the news watching All Gas No Brakes than any in depth article in the Times or The Atlantic. 

Subscribe and bare witness. 

I feel like blaming college students for spreading the plague, after basically building an industry off of colleagate debauchery, is a damn fool thing to do. 

People are going to be stupid. You should have just fucking shut the doors dumbass. 

Holy shit the fall programming is helping me out here. I got alot to be excited about, and this is just one of them. 

Spike Lee must have recorded one of the last broadway shows they had before the shutdown. Just everything clicking. One of my favorite directors filming one of my favorite musicians [Editor’s Note: I don’t have a David Byrne entry yet…..I should handle that. Maybe this week]

I cannot fathom how this will be anything but glorious.

Grateful Dead has been my soundtrack of late. 

For a long long time, I couldn’t do it. I listened to the big records, and more than that, I was given some hand guided picks. 

Couldn’t do it. Just couldn’t get my mind there. 

Definitely the current conditions have helped. It is inviting and soothing. It sort of lets you approach them however you show up, and just let it wash over you. Take what you need and you go. Its good for the soul. 

I invite you to do the same. 

I will, however, close out with the other side of the coin. Have a good week, congregation. We will be in touch.

Also, this is probably more reflective of my actual mental state. 


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