Thoughts from the AMEN Pew #25

I had a bunch of other ideas for this week, but alas, shit gets in the way. 

But the liquor.

The liquor always takes a hold. 

Shall we press on….

Chess, for some reason, has become a thing on streaming. Not sure how that shit happened, but I suppose in the COVID-19 hellscape, any entertainment works (except for Quibi. Fuck you Quibi). So, we have gone to chess. Luckily enough for everyone, the tendancies of trying to break the game hits everything. Including chess. 

Observe the most devious cheese in progress:

I listened to that new Dylan record. 

It’s fine. It’s not getting a full review. 

Here’s the thing. It is fucking not Time out of Mind. It feels like Asylum Era Waits. Just less interesting. It does have some good tracks in there (like the one below), but there is WAYYYYY too much hype around this record. 

It’s fine. This is no Blackstar. This is not going to be remembered long after he’s gone. 

Probably not. I mean. I don’t fuckin know. People are stupid. 

What the fuck is fucking going on. 

Seriously, what the fuck is fucking going on. Cases are fuckin blowing up. Republican shitheads refuse to do what must be done

I kind of feel like this is the start. 

I think we are headed for some rough living years. Regardless of how COVID fairs, something tells me the next 4-10 years are going to be fucking miserable. 

Regardless of who wins in Nov. 

Things are going to be dark.

As usual, I would prefer to be wrong. I just feel it in my bones. This is just the fucking beginning. Not even halftime. We are at kickoff. 

I’m even using sports analogies. Shit is dark yall. 

Here’s another blog idea I have. And I am going to have to be vague to avoid identification (why I didn’t write the shit in the first place).

I think the internet tries to will too many things in existence. For every WoW Classic “success” at imagining something to existence, there is a thousand people out there trying to will things that will never happen in reality. 

Pro-tip. You have no power. If you have power, please ignore the internet. Ignore me

The internet is currently at a net negative, and does not deserve to be listened to. Let them yell to the cloud and see if a god responds. Just so their favorite show has the main character fall in love with someone else, or for a sports team to hire someone or whatever. 

Its all stupid. Stop paying attention to it. 

And all of you expending energy trying to make people who have power over entertainment change something. Accept the void. Just know no one will remember a fucking thing you do in 5 years time. 

In Comfort Watch news, I am rewatching Monty Python: Almost the Truth (Lawyers Cut). It’s been fantastic. I’m not learning anything new (seen it before) but truthfully, its nice to sit with these guys again for a bit and hear some old stories. 

Maybe thats why I don’t want to watch new shit. I want comfort. I want to just be happy for a second, and this is working. 

My favorite story by far I will recite:

At the premiere for Holy Grail, someone asked Eric Idle what the next movie would be. And he said, off the fucking cuff: Jesus Christ: Lust for Glory. Off the fucking cuff. What a goddamn genius. 

 Well, I suppose thats it for this week. 

Next week I am hoping for an actual blog post. Maybe something not about COVID or despair. Wouldn’t that be something? Peace out.

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