Thoughts from the AMEN Pew #24


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The liquor is back behind the wheel

Programming Update! With people writ large ignoring the existence of COVID-19, I am resuming usual programming for now. I am going to do a retrospective review next week, then more rants and shit. 

If we get back and lockdown and what not, then I will go back to The! New! Plague!. If by some fucking miracle it DOESN’T come back, Ill have some quality preaching for that. Till then….

Don’t go at the GOAT. The GOAT will piss on you. 

Seriously, why the fuck would you go at Chappelle. The man is the fucking best at what he does. Why would you assume you could Rosencrantz your way out of it. Mr. Dave says all the shit that needs to be said, AND it ends with music from the best rappers on planet earth. I agree with all of this. 

Given the way 2020 has gone, I fucking NEEEEED this. This needs to be corny as fuck. Yes…god….We need stupid. 

This looks hella stupid. This is whats up. 

BRUNT! FCA!  This guy is a fucking champion. 

I feel like studying Ferengi culture can help you understand our current predicament. Learn something from BRENT the GOD

 God what a shit week. HOLY FUCK it was a shitty week. 

So Netflix has this buisness philosophy, buy every fucking piece of garbage on planet earth. Eventually they will have gold. 

Well, they did it. After buying every fucking CW-dogshit style thing, they actually did something right. The acting, its so fucking good for this type of movie. The script is pretty good. And apart from one part toward the end, they actually had something going. It’s like someone wanted to beat John Green at his own game. And honestly, they got close. 

This is much better than Netflix deserves. Probably should have had a theatrical release. 

So yeah, we just ignoring COVID-19 now? Don’t get me wrong, I’m basically forced to do the same. Wife is back at work. Son is back at daycare. Everything is stupid. So yeah, fuck it. The rona comes for us all. Clearly. All we can do is keep shucking and jiving like someone on the level 8 of Super Mario 3. 

I expect COVID-19 to make a comeback, but don’t call it a comeback. It’s been in this game for years.


I think thats enough for my first time back. Glad to have this forum back to yelling at the wall (it changed?). Retrospective later next week. Maybe some rants and shit after that. 

Stay safe. Stay frosty. 


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