Thoughts from the AMEN Pew #22

You already know what it is. And this week has been extra fresh


Yup. Dogg shit week. Lets do it. 

Fuckin Bloomberg got HELLA roasted. Good. Fuck him. Fuck anyone who doesn’t obey the rules. Fuck arbitrage. Fuck anyone who is an asshole that thinks they have the world figured out. They are fucking assholes, and I hope that I am wrong and Christian Jesus is real and that I will great them personally at the gates of hell. 

Anyway, fuck Bloomberg. Be in it in the begginning or fuck off. I hope your money comforts you at night dipshit. 

 Also, on politics shit, the Immortan is straight up flaunting the corruption now. And no one gives a shit. We got to hope one of these shitbag assholes manages to win the fuckin thing in 2020. Otherwise the next four years are going to go totally mob style. 

Do YOU want to go get your fuckin shinebox? I don’t. 

I totally got drunk as fuck and sent this to a religious friend of mine. I think he got the message. Also, this was a collaboration, with me just doing the finer touches. Wont say with who for their sake, but I am SO proud.

Guess it just goes to show…fuck religion

I actually don’t give a shit how you feel — you’d feel the same if the tables were turned, and you know it. I’m totally trying to be a wet blanket, and Jesus prohibits profanity and good things because he’s a choad and possibly a Ted Cruz fan. I’m not trying to wag my finger at you (that ain’t true; definitely judging your turn to Jesus); all I want is for you to read Dark Desires: Taken By The Obamacare Sex Robot (My Obamacare Nightmare Book 1) with fresh moisty thighs and meet Jesus for yourself, however looooong that takes. You don’t have to like it immediately; like I keep saying, it takes time … mmm. And when you finally embrace it, Jesus forgives most things — except for that one thing (you know what it is — its anal). He disciplines and trains, and He requires obedience, and He berates and/or humiliates and rubs your face in your former sins (or even your recent sins including anal). And if and when you do come back to Him, I guarantee you will feel the pain in your butt (from the anal), but it will pass. There will be zero enjoyment and an infinite sadness and regret more than you ever had before (because of the anal drip). Christianity is pretty damn gloomy; it’s bad news brah, no free offers of forgiveness (except if you do shit God wants. Then you can kill an army of heathens using the arms of their king, that shit is fine. Also aborting their babies is fine cause their heathens. That shit is in the bible too). You must thrust and accept Him as Lord, Savior, and Lover. All you have to do is believe — totally based on blind faith, but on a careful investigation of His Word(His Word is a euphemism for his penis and anal). No amount of debating will settle it for you; you’ve got to go straight to the Word(Also Penis).

9/11 was an inside job

Got DAMN am I drunk. Holy shit.

This is the greatest youtube video of all time. 

Alright, went a litttllleee too hard on the sauce last night. Oof. We back on the wine, and we good now. 

Back to your less-sauced scheduled programming

You know what, I have turned the corner on this guy. Obviously the music is not good, but he is riding the meme train hard. 

A ton of people complain about modern rap sounding the same. Well….can’t say that about this guy.   Maybe 645AR is here to save the game. Like maybe he will get us out of trap rap by meme’s alone. Fuckin memes got a fucking shitty president. The least they can do for us is bring good shit back in the genre. 

I’ve been rewatching the greatest TV show of all time, The Sifl & Olly Show. HOLY SHIT it holds up. It would be on Adult Swim if it was around now. Masterpiece quality. Here’s some more great shit.

Ok, on my second glass of wine, its time to go. Have a great one out there in TV Land. Take it easy out there. Remember. It’s just a ride

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