Thoughts from the AMEN Pew #20 – Scotch Edition

Number 20 comin in real fucking strong

Got too much to say here. Lets go.

 Fuckin 2020 starting out strong. So we goin to war and shit. And dickhead still thinks hes some kind of fucking genius. Like I told my dad, if I catch a fucking bullet when I get drafted, make sure they dump my ashes in the mississippi where I fucking belong

Democrats: Get your shit together and get his ass out of office. 

 Speaking of shit the immortan did. YOU THOUGHT

YOU FUCKIN THOUGHT I didn’t like the immortan. You were fucking WRONG son. Just wrong. 

I went to the liquor store this week. To get the best Scotch ever produced. I’ve got a fantastic local liquor store that ALWAYS has my shit. I go there. My shit is not there. I get the second best shit. And I go to the counter. 

I ask the clerk, “Where is the best shit?”

The clerk says, “oh, its the tarriff”

I say, “What tarriff?”

Cause my mind isn’t there

And he says, “The Trump tarriff. Scotch is in there too.”

Yup. He was fucking right. 

Turns out, the liquor distributors need to figure out how to buy right. They aren’t sure how to transfer the tarriff costs. If people will buy the same amount of scotch if it costs 25% more. They can’t figure out how to quantify the next year’s buy. 

The clerk tells me this “We asked the distributors when we can get the good shit again. 

They sell a ton of scotch. Its popular. The distributors told them, “We can’t give any estimate. Don’t expect it anytime soon.”

NOW you fucked up. NOW YOU FUCKED UP. You have infact fucked up now. 

You done a ton of fucked up shit. NOW I CANT GET MY SCOTCH. Oh man, I am donating to every democratic candidate. 

Now its personal. Fuckin, gimme my goddamn scotch you fucking prick. 


The greatest drummer in the history of drummers. WTF

If this ends up exactly like 2020, I am not sure my liver can take it. 

Here is some shit from The Professor

Lets get happier. Lately, I have been really digging Gus Johnson. His content speaks to me. I can’t really explain it. I think its the fact that monetization is less of an important thing for him. He will make videos of all sizes, shapes and content. And its all fucking hilarious. 

So far, my favorite shit is the series he does on his parents property. God damn its amazing. Check it out. 

 I WAS going to make this a whole post, but the liquor has taken over. 

Ill be brief. I am not sure Ricky Gervais came in here with comedy in mind. I think he came in to say some shit. And he did. Conservatives are all like “SEE LIBTARDS. HA!” and thats not it. I think it smore of, we are approaching a time where traditional power structures wont hold.

Where we go from here, I do not know, but I know there is something facinating here. Thats different from the other times he hosted. Take a look. 

Pro Tip: Get rid of debt as fast as you can. Shit is going to go way more south. Get rid of all your debt. Anything that ties you down. Get rid of it. Shit is going to go more south. 

 Well. Today is a downer. All day all Nightmare long. I had some different shit picked out for this post, but with current events, I can’t think of anything better. 

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