Thoughts from the AMEN Pew #19

Fucking SHIT TASTIC week

lets fucking do it boys

I had all these plans for this week. 

Fuckin NOPE. 

Too much going on. This is the best you will get for this week. Deal with it. 

The asshole in chief done got his ass impeached.  As I previously said, it doesn’t matter. Fuckin he aint getting kicked out. Cause the moral fabric of this country is fucking broken. As long as their team is willing, they will vote for any ole demon. 

So fuck everything and fuck you too. Lets just hope he abdicates power when his time runs out. 

Lets move onto a happier note. The CATS reviews are PHENOMENAL. Bad reviews are a work of art for movie critics. And got damn these are fantastic. Lindsey Ellis called the film a two hours of body horror, and critical reviews of this film as its own artform

I agree, and I love it. 

This post has been drunken hyperlink city. How about a video. What is with fuckin Culkin showing up everywhere these days. He was in the latest RLM thing. Fuckin glitter bomb guy had him in his latest video. I’m not necessarily complaining. He adds something to whatever he’s in, but eventually, this will wear out its welcome. For now, we got some decent shit. Like this.  

 Here is a clue to a FUTURE BLOG POST. More! Hints! And! Meta! Blog! Lore!

 I had picked a special song for my holiday post. I had a discussion with someone about best Christmas songs. And you know, people have covers of standards and shit. Nah fam. You know there is one. There is one song that is my favorite christmas song. I can’t express my connection to it. This is how I like my music. Some shit that is written well. Has amazing lyrics. Feels completely original, and completely on its own planet. 

This is great shit, and fuck you if you disagree. 

 For reference, my #2 song

Maybe there is still hope. Maybe there is still a reason to have hope. Maybe not. Maybe go fuck yourself. Lets all do better next week. Maybe a real blog post will come someday. Who knows. It could happen. 

At least that band that has my pick for album of the year was on Tiny Desk. So I got that going for me. 


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