Thoughts from the AMEN Pew #18

Thursday edition. You already know what it is

Drinking with the grain of the liquor. Lets do the thing.

Ive been hit on every platform and the site email to give my thoughts on the new Ghostbusters trailer. Its real simple. You know the fool me once, fool me twice

Don’t get me wrong. Jason Reitman is a phenomenal director. The trailer does look good. I am tired of the Monster Squad rip-off season. But, this is the first new thing we have seen with the franchise. Not in New York. Not 4 people. So, I am cautiously optimistic. But, I was about both GB:ATC and the 2016 election, and we know how that turned out

We are in a glut right now dear readers. Too much good shit going on. Here’s a quick breakdown. 

Mr. Robot – With two episodes left, we are sort of meandering toward the end. I don’t expect something like the other foolishness we had this year. Because so far, this season has been decent. Lets us hope they stick the landing.

Watchmen – One of the two complete surprises this season. Expect a formal review of the entire season when it’s done, but hot damn this may be the best TV show this year. As above, we will see if they end strong. 

Rick and Morty – Got Damn assholes on the internet love to bitch. … … Anyway, so far, they got some good episodes this mini-season. I’m just glad its back on. They can’t all be winners, but no one is doing the shit they are doing. No one.

The Mandalorian – The other surprise this season. Memes aside. The show is basically Lone Wolf and Cub. And its completely digestible. Easy to watch. I am having fun with it, which is more than I can say for anything Star Wars in a long time

Speaking of Rick and Morty. After many years, Harmontown is finally coming to an end. I can’t lie, I am sad to see it go. Something about Dan Harmon’s point of view I agree with. It will be missed, but like many good things, its important to reminisce in what we had. Can’t live in the past wanting your shit back. Be glad it was here and it was amazing. A taste for you.

Not going to lie. This is a rough Christmas season. Just a ton of shit going on in the old parish. Keeping it positive is tough these days. So, I got to take my joy where I can get it. And mostly my joy comes from decompressing. Here is some shit I decompress with. On nights when nothing is going on and I have no fires to put out, I pour a stiff one and put this on. It calms me. May not do the same for everyone, but I do recommend it. 

And on that note, probably going do some of that. Be excellent to each other. Take it esssseeee. And, live your best life. I will leave you with one of the best XMAS songs ever.

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