Thoughts from the AMEN Pew #17

This was a MUCH more positive week than last week. Last week. OOF. This week, feeling good, doing good. 

That ain’t true. Lets do the thing. 

I became aware of this wonderful video this week. These kinds of things make the world better. If this dude had his own Church, he would be my pastor. I will now use this to harass anyone who goes Jesus Freak on me. 

I don’t believe in worshiping big people in history. I know alot of people who worship the cult of personality around big business leaders. If you are an asshole, Stevie J. Or like if you are a business snob, Lee Iacocca. You know who I worship in business. John Henry. That’s the legend to worship. Swinging the hammer. Thats what I do. Fuck anyone who sits behind a desk and comes up with an idea that hammer swingers have to solve. 

Consider this a declaration. 

Oh man, The Prophet done issued an album of his acclaimed live show American Utopia on Broadway. It’s on Spotify, among other places, and its fantastic. I’m not going to give it a formal review cause I’m lazy, but he does something really brilliant here. He does the MOST Talking Heads stuff I have EVER heard him do live, and finds a way to blend it perfectly with his solo stuff to make a meta commentary about the US as it stands right now. Its both a fantastic late-stage best of record and a statement about America. Its kind of fucking brilliant. 

And while I am bitching out Apple. Bring back my 3.5mm headphone jack. You done already bitched out and went to USB-C instead of your precious lightning connector. So fuck you design department. Give me my fucking SE 2 with the 3.5mm jack, and you can fuck the fuck right off. 

I did not mention here AT ALL that Rick and Morty is back, and oh man, i forgot how I missed that voice in the world. Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland have something special here. Fuck the fans. Treat them like we treat parrotheads or deadheads. Please watch the show. Its dope. 

 Cutting it short. Im drunk. And im really happy. Have a great night everyone. Do it big. 

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