Thoughts from the AMEN Pew #14

Got damn have things been wild. 

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It’s time for preachin.

If you have a dry cleaner that you have been going to for three years, and you tell them that they lost 3 suits, the first reaction better not be “No, you lost it.” Yeah whatever, fuck you.

You know what I find interesting about what is going on with this Diablo IV announcement, this is sort of like what the cinema industry went through after the 70s. They had a long run where film makers made super arty films that made a ton of money. Then they made too many arty films that tanked. So the studio then just stuck to what was safe…Sequels…..and never left. 

Thats what Diablo IV reminds me of. I wonder if the creative period of Blizzard is over. I think they made a bunch of creative decisions that fans didn’t like,  Now they are just going to do the safe thing. Diablo II style leveling and items, Diablo III style combat, with Diablo I’s asthetic. Thats what it looks like to me. 

Speaking of video games, this is how you do a let’s play. This may be my favorite version of this type of gameplay I have ever seen. And all it took was two guys who don’t deal with video games. Conan’s video game stuff is like this. Its awesome. Watch it.

I bet you are wondering if there is going to be a Jesus Is King review. Well here is the thing. There wont be cause its a super boring record. Don’t get me wrong, the music is nice I guess. Its clear Kanye has a vision for this musically. But, it has literally nothing interesting to say about Jesus. Very few have found anything interesting to say in the 2000 years since Jesus showed up. And Kanye definitely doesn’t. So you end up with these choirs and beats over like boring ass shit. Skip it. Also, he is selling $230 sweaters that look like a 16 year old edgelord made them in MS Paint.

Speaking of Blizzcon, Blizzard is some damn cowards for not having open Q&A. They don’t want the “When is Diablo IV coming to phones?” or “When am I getting the Mei ‘Free Hong Kong’ skin?” Questions. They weak. 


Lastly, on the national politics front, we ain’t getting Trump out of office. The republicans are very clear that they don’t give a good dog shit what the man does. If he gets reelected, he will go all four years. 

What Beto did today, is what we need to beat Trump. People need to drop out of the fucking race, and let the few candidates who have an actual chance to duke it out. We got to defeat the man on the republican’s terms. Its the only way. So fucking quit, and let shit open up. Lets get to work fighting Trump and not each other. 

Thats what I got for today. Take it easy out there in TV Land. 

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