Thoughts from the AMEN Pew #13

Fuck this week. Lucky 13.


Lets do this

My son broke his clavicle this week.  You ever hear a four year old completely scream in pain. Its something I wont forget. 

I was going to write a post here entitled “Why there is no god worth believing in?”, and I was basically going to bitch out the world for all my problems. But, I didnt. Three reasons for that. 1) I am not an edgelord. 2) I didn’t want to have to deal with talking with anyone who thinks a counter argument with a random on the internet is worth it. 3) It would help no one. 

My son still have to heal from this. There will be more pain. It will take more time. And it is what it is. We will deal. 

I was going to write a whole big stinkpiece on it. But, I will skip to the end. I am starting to think Tom Waits is right. Misery is how we know we are human

That was a downer. Let me give everyone some hope. I have extolled the virtues of Dunkey here before. Well, he and his long time girlfriend got married. They put a great video on youtube. 

There is some quote out there (misattributed, I think) to one of the saints of the church of the holy flava about cynics being failed optimists. Maybe….I just think I like seeing people happy. Congrats yo. 

Dogg, I hate to break it to you. Trump aint getting impeached. Jeff Flake is talkin out of his ass. You got to understand that we are fighting blind faith here. Trump is basically god to the fucking morons in this country. He aint getting kicked off. If anything, this is going to get him more votes. 

Misery is the river of the world. 

In the land of a ton of drama, I JUST got hipped to the fact that The Verge issued the shittiest PC build video ever. They were very appropriately made fun of, cause got damn they could have set someone’s house on fire. So, I will feature my favorite of the harassment videos. Considering it got copyright struck, it deserves as many views as possible. 

Speaking of internet drama, Nostalgia Critic completely fucking shit the bed. We already knew channel awesome has problems has problems. But, got damn. That shit is bad. And he cut a whole album to go with it cause he thought that shit was a good idea. Luckily, Antoine Fantoine took care of this, and cut one of my top 5 favorite reviews he’s ever done. 

 Keeping it short this week, cause I am fucking tired. Eat shit. Here’s hoping for a brighter day. 

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