Thoughts from the AMEN Pew #12

It’s Friday. The Liquor is flowing. And you know what that means

Yup. This wine is good. On with the show.

I know I have talked about it alot late, but WoW Classic still fascinates me. More the obsession with it. Like why the fuck are people so insane about it that its still the #1 streaming game on twitch. You watch any of those streams, and its literally people leveling characters and shit. 

The only thing I can compare it to is like people who never got over high school. WoW Classic represents a time in their life when their friends were around, things were good, and they got real stupid on the internet. Nostalgia powers this trip. 

I have no nostalgia about this shit. 2005 was a dogshit year for me. There is nothing about that year that makes grinding up 100g at lvl 40 for a mount feel good.  

Mad shoutout hear to my readership. You know who you are. Cause I get random messages with awesome shit constantly. Keep them coming. Today, I got a good one to share you. A faithful reader hipped me to this guy. He’s apparently a gig comedy writer who has a youtube thing on the side. And holy shit this dude does amazing stuff. Its hard to pick, but this is my favorite so far (I lived in Chicago. I connect with this personally). All of his channel is supremely hilarious and intense as shit. 

Hmmm? What was that? Yeah, I’m playing WoW Classic now. 

Whatever, fuck you

GOT DAMN, did randoms on the fucking internet get pissed about the new Chappelle stand-up special. I wrote a piece about my favorite of his specials. so here’s a hot take on the new one. Its great. Its Dave, but its not as incredible as bird revelation. That being said, people need to calm the fuck down. Yeah, he went strong. I feel like if you have seen anything he has done since he came back. This is where it was going. 

Regardless, I think you should check it about, because Dave Chappelle is the best comic around making the best material out there. 

Ok, so I am playing WoW Classic. But, I am playing it with open eyes. Im about at about level 15 or so. So here is the early hot take. Yep. Its Vanilla WoW, more or less. It feels the same. Maybe its the server I’m playing on, but no one here has rose colored glasses to the problems it has either. I’m with the goon squad now, so that may be part of the difference. 

More takes as time goes on, but for now. It is EXACTLY what it is. With all the fucking problems it had.  

Basically, I am playing this game because this whole game is the current meta. So, I go with the tide. Fine with that for now. 

Ever wonder what actual historians do. To the best of my knowledge, this looks about accurate. 

 Also, bring back classic Athene. 

I was literally just sent this. The hits keep coming. Another one

Alright, out of energy for now. Have a good one. Stay out of the bookings. Especially on Friday the 13th.

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