Thoughts from the AMEN Pew #11

Alright dear congregation. The Right Reverend is going on a much deserved vacation. I will be back doing that world famous truth spittin’ after Labor Day. For now, lets do this thing:

Did anyone fuckin see this Tweet from Blizzard. Why the fuck would anyone look back at this fondly? Like this was a major pain in the ass. Having to pay for an upgraded skill. Giant fuckin pain in the ass. Like its clear the social team is leaning hard into “OMG NOSTALGIA? Remember our SHITTY game design? Relieve the SHIT for yourself” Its a god damn shit festival. 

Shit festival.

 I am SO fucking glad Rudy Ray Moore is getting his own biopic. This is awesome on multiple counts. First, Eddie Murphy looks like he actually cares again. Like he is CLEARLY not doing a Rudy Ray Moore impression, but he is eating the scenery in the exact same way as Rudy. Second, looks like a fantastic production. Great cast (Wesley Snipes is back!), the guys who wrote Ed Wood, the director of Black Snake Moan. Lastly, people get to find out about Rudy Ray Moore. There is a whole resurgence of his career. I really hope this makes people chase down everything he did. If this thing sucks, they will have made the fuck up of their career. Cause damn it looks great. 

 You know, Bolsonaro is out here fuckin up. The shit got set on fire. And its easy to despair. I do this constantly. You know me. Living in the negative hell (see the next entry in the preaching). But, there is always a sliver of hope. For example, these cats are out here, on their fucking on, are working on a way to have certain beaches generate CO2

Will it work on a big scale. Who the fuck knows? But they are trying. And I think thats the important part. It can be easy to say all the power is in the hands of assholes and dipshits, but there are people still trying. And I think thats what counts. 

 Lets say you say, fuck all that shit. Lets go into despair. Have I got the record for you. I was planning on doing a whole review on this, but alas, time has failed me once again. But this would probably get a 3.5/4. Anyway, this jam band/psychadelic rock band, King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard is famous for making weird ass psychadelic rock, churning out a ton of it, and changing their sound constantly. Well, they hauled in a marlin with this one. They wrote a whole goddamn thrash album about what happens when the environment fails. If you haven’t listened to enough metal, politics is metal’s playground. Megadeth won an award for PETA for a song, and Black Sabbath wrote THE anti-war anthem. And those are just two examples. This is a thrash record set after the world is fucked from environmental disaster. And its incredible. They CLEARLY are secret students of the genre. I have no idea how a band for big ass weed smokers made the best metal album of the year, but they fuckin did it. Check it out. 

 SNL has been posting classic sketches on youtube every saturday leading to the season premiere. And GOT DAMN, they are finally uploading the highlight reel. It is great to see these sketches again. Enjoy

I will leave you with my song of the week. I’ll be back after labor day. Catch you on the flip side.

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