Thoughts from the AMEN Pew #10

The wine is poured. The sun has set. And that only means one thing. Its time for the stupid to commence. 

 I am a big fan of a quality line read. Big overdramatic stuff. A very boring piece of dialogue can be completely transformed by some quality acting being thrown at it. This week, I was reminded of a certain video game that had a certain phenomenal actor giving one of the best line reads of his career. Bask in the maximum flava acting. 

 I actually got an email in my account. Discussing a few more songs that your boss would definitely not want to have start playing. I wanted to take the time out here and highlight this one. I heard this for the first time a few years ago and HOLY SHIT. I wish I would have heard this YEARS ago. I may put up a christmas playlist during the holiday season, but got damn is this song dope. So, mad shout out to you know who you are. And also, yes, your boss would freak if this would start playing.

 The following message goes out to people who let their religion determine the ability of a person to exist in this reality. Man, fuck off. In late high school/college, I just assumed we were on a forward trajectory out of religion. That we would finally grow the fuck up and get our shit off this planet (exploring SPACCCEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE). unfortunately, that did not happen. We elected an internet troll president and his vice president is Torquemada. So now religion is stealing people at an alarming rate. Fuck that. This Church is going to continue to profess the dogma of doing whatever helps you escape the unfathomable depression of existence for 5 minutes without fucking over anyone else’s shit. I’ll let Flava Saint George Carlin explain

 Mad shout out to Garth Ennis. I never would have thought reading Preacher for the first time that we would see an adaptation of anything he did. Let alone both Preacher and now The Boys. People love this fuckin thing.  And I couldnt be more proud. Who would have thought the dude who wrote one of my favorite Punisher arcs of all time managed to find success. If you havent started it yet. Watch it. 

Also, Amazon is just killing it with their self made stuff lately. I like this approach of doing a few things really well instead of Netflix’s approach about vomiting garbage on your face. 

Anyway, The Boys. Watch it. 

 So lately, when I get EXCEPTIONALLY FUCKED UP (where I think I am headed tonight). I end up down the rabbit hole of urban exploration videos. Lately, I have really been digging Adam the Woo. The dude manages to fine shit I didn’t know I care about, which I feel like is a niche skill in the land of youtube. Up to you if you like it. If not, whatever, fuck you. Join me, shall you? 

 Yep. And on that note, I am going to finish The Boys. Have a good night. Chill out to the sweet sounds of 90s alternative.

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