Thoughts from the AMEN Pew #16

Just got back from NYC 2 hours ago. So you know, feeling fresh. And its time for some of this

Yup, lets do it. 

I bought some shit at an Amazon Go in NYC.  My gut reaction, it feels like going to a 7-11 without having to talk to people. Except with Whole Foods Snacks and Magnolia cookies. And it was….fine….I’m not sold on the concept. The whole experience felt like a beta test. Like people were trying to fuck with the AI to get free shit. And no one was successful. Its definitely more novelty than it is reality, but….it is scary. Hella smooth. no problems. Grabbed shit off the shelf and walked out. Was charged for it. 

it felt like a step toward the final reality where no one talks to each other except through Instagram and Reddit, and we buy shit but just grabbing it. 

I’ve been obsessed lately with like…Youtube’s version of Unsolved Mysteries (Coincidentally, all episodes on youtube).   I can’t explain it. I think its like, the oddness…just a level of nice spookiness that I enjoy. No jump scares…cause there are a ton of shitty versions of this. But I like shit that is well put together….Work. You have to do the fucking work for me to like your shit. I have included an example below.

And now, Trump talk. Fuckin, I don’t care what kind of hot white goss the democrats have. Unfortunately, republicans have decided that there is no afterlife, nothing matters, lets go full hedonism, and fuck this world and everyone in it.  So yeah, the Democrats have evidence better than most of the mob bosses we have put in jail. It wont matter. Nothing important matters. Everything is shit. Trump is going to walk from these charges. These charges will propel him to relection. We will get in a fucking nuclear war, and I will grab my bug out bag and head for the most rural area I can get to.

That got fucking dark. Yup. thats where we are. Suck my dick. Suck my dick from the back. Its been a long week. 

Yeah this is the only blog entry you get this week. Too bad. 

The single best thing on the internet this week? you guessed it. It’s this:

This is what’s up. Look I am tired of sports being sacred by anyone. People hold up football as some kind of sacred institution. Its fucking not. Your false god is just that. A golden calf. The thing you do instead of worshiping Jesus which you claim to do (but you actually don’t, you worship football). Anyway, every game should have shit like this. Maybe then I would care. Everyone acts like this is a fucking warcrime or something. Homeboy, there are actual warcrimes going on and we give shit about football. 

So yeah, I don’t give a fuck. I hope every fucking football game ends up with a stupid fucking helmet swinging fight at the end of it. Maybe then I would actually be invested. 

Wow. This episode got hella angry and shit. I dunno. i would like to see hope. But every week, I seem to have more weeks like this one. Where it just feels like everything is going in the shitter. Maybe it is. Get your bug out bag ready.

Alright, its gone too dark. The truth of it is, I still have some hope out there. I really do. It just feels like its fading. Lets hope next week is a better week. Peace to everyone. Avoid the bookings, and lets try again next week. 


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