The poet must not avert his eyes

[Editor’s note: This is releasing a day earlier than usual for obvious reasons]

Much has been made over these past few weeks of tonight’s debate between the immortan and yung beezy. With a giant pile of hemming and hawing about how embarrassed we should feel for the country. How people will do anything to avoid watching the debate. How there is no good choices and everyone has to hold their nose when they pull the lever.

As we really kick off this season of The Body Politik, I want to carve out time to remember a few things.

The debate almost didn’t happen.

Before we all forget, the goddamn republicans pulled out of the committee for presidential debates. Mainly because they have abandoned everything that made a political party a political party. They had no fucking platform last time and they probably wont this time. Their platform is only worship at the altar the immortan sets out for you and be happy about it.

There is only one choice. The other choice is for treason and stupidity.

I hate….and I mean fucking HATE this concept that both choices are bad.

If you believe that, straight up…fuck you. If you read this blog, you fucking know better. Like look, I know yung beezy is not doing a bunch of things people want….but your choice is a center right democrat standard politician or A FUCKING DEMON.

Or you can just do what I do. Vote for the fucking Supreme Court. Hey fucking Jill Stein voters, all this shit is your fucking fault. Vote to make sure pieces of shit don’t end up on SCOTUS. This should be the only fucking thing you think about when voting for president.

One last item that I have talked about before. I get that every generation wants their revolution. If you think that can happen…I can’t fucking help you. What I can tell you is that if you value the American experiment at all, you know what you should fucking do. And if you don’t you are a fucking child. Grow up.

I don’t care if you don’t want to see it. You fucking have to.

It’s nice to just be like “fuck you, fuck this, fuck me, fuck as all, where is the asteroid.” I done it myself a number of times.

Nope. This is how democracy functions. You gunna watch this fucking stage of randomness and you gunna deal. You ain’t got to like it, but you bare witness.

The poet must not avert his eyes. You will watch the fucking accident as it happens, and you will deal with the gore.

My closing thought on the entire thing, is if you thought after Jan 6 that this was going to end with anything but Immortan vs Yung Beezy 2.0, you were smoking crack.

The immortan will never accept the fact that he lost. Hell they conjured up a whole fucking industry to spread the faith that the immortan has never lost a fucking thing.

I guess all that to say…this is what we deserve. So fucking look at it. You all did this. You have no one to blame but yourself. So now fucking stew in it.

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