The Passion of the GIFs

give him the hose

How did we get here?

How did we get to a place where I am building up my GIF making skils.

It all started because of the usual thing that motivates people….hatin….

For probably a year now, I would complain anytime I couldn’t find a gif I wanted. Or if the gif was done fucking wrong. Left out something, was too fucked up looking. My nearest guess is that I was complaining to enough people, that certain people had enough. And by certain people, I mean The Tussin. 

You see, we were having a conversation in one of the quality preaching Discords about why so many people go to work high. And I couldn’t find a gif of a certain scene about why people get high to do shitty work

Then, this fuckin shithead tells me, “you and durrty just gotta stop jacking off in battlegrounds for like a week and make gifs”

Well, first off, no one, is stopping me from paying my respects to the holy arts. Second, fuckin I do what I want when I want


And I wanted to make gifs…..all of a sudden


Yeah whatever, fuck you…..

Well, let me give a big shout out to Durrty himself. He gave my all my initial tutaledge and still trouble shoots my issues as they come up. I would still be stuck in the darkages without him. 

Second, I have been a fan of r/HighQualityGifs for a very long time. It will be YEARS before I get to that skill level, if I ever do, but one of their guys has a fantastic playlist of instrucitonal videos, but there is one in particular I want to highlight. 

This is the best intro video anyone could ask for. Prime tutelage here. 

This reflects alot of my techniques at this point. What skill I do have, I owe to durrty and that video. 

Everything else is coming as time and my skill progresses. I’m learning alot by doing. When I want to do some weird shit, I fuck around to see if I can get it to work. 

I think the main thing I like about GIF making is that there is an actual positive end project. 

I sort of feel the same way about this blog and the entries here. I get a sense of satisfaction when I post one. When I get a real strong entry or some really dumb shit in there. 

I think we live in a land where the only thing that is valued is metrics. Views, wins, competition. 

I like making the shit just to make me laugh. Shit I want to do that is awesome. Thats what I am about. 

I like the little victory. I get my win and move to the next win. And its wins all the way down. 

are ya laughin

 Where we go from here, I do not know. For now, I am completely happy making gifs. In fact, its hard for me to think of something that actually made me happy like this, this year. So, to paraphrase Killer Mike speaking about RTJ, “we going to gif till the wheels come off”

Except to see more of my custom work here as part of my usual preachings. Till then, peace, love, and big gif’in.  

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