The! New! Plague! – #9

I realized this never made the blog. Dont know how that happened, but eatin ass is off the menu boys. NYC department of health says you get dat rona from butt stuff. I know the eatin ass trend has blown up, but we got to reel it in. No butt chompin during dat rona

On the things to watch list, dat rona is hitting meat plants and shit. So, i want to take some time to address some shit:

  1. Is the US going to run out of food like Italy? – Fuck no. We already have more food than you can imagine. have you been to a fucking grocery store, even now. What IS going to happen is choice will evaporate. Like toilet paper, you are just going to get what meat they have. I think people have gotten serious about this already. Think Victory garden in WWII. We need to get on that shit again.  
  2. Is everything going Mad Max tomorrow? – No. Do people like bitching on the internet? Yes. Does streaming still exist? Yes. Look, just because some fucking politician thinks people are going to meltdown into ultraviolence, Spoiler alert: they wont. People, and I mean a ton of people, just want their shit and left alone. 
  3. Will shit get dumber? – Oh undoubtedly. We haven’t hit peak dumb. Expect WAYYYY more stupid.

I was walking in the neighborhood with my son and wife. Little break from the agoraphobia. The guy down the street has like 5 kids that he lets run wild. They see my son and run towards him to say hi. I SCREAM at the top of my lungs “SIX! FEET!” 

They all stop in their tracks. I think one of them is going to cry. The dad comes rushing over to corral them in their pen. 

I ain’t playin with that rona. 

I will let a great scholar give my thoughts on the matter.

fuck them kids

Rode hard on the Fury Road yesterday. Toilet paper and paper towels seem to be in high supply. Lysol and clorox are not around. I wonder if that will come back…if it just takes longer to ramp up. 

Lysol is the only god who I want to give me blessings these days. 

Stress is a funny thing and it manifests different ways. I think everyone in this house is stressed out. My wife has had shoulder pain since this started. I have trouble sleeping most nights. Even my son has a crick in his neck and he’s not even in kindergarten. 

I have this fear that the first sign of all clear, regardless if its deserved or we are actually all clear, everyone in the family is going to want to go back to what they were doing immediately. My son wants back at pre-school asap. My wife wants to see her coworkers. My father in law wants to play golf. 

I kind of think this is true for everyone. I think the 2nd wave of this thing is going to be sloppy. 

I think this week is more interesting than last week. Last week was supposed to be the big moment, but it doesn’t feel like any lessons were learned. Maybe thats the point. Maybe humanity is incapable of learning any kind of big lessons. We have to trust in science, which is of course also humanity coming together to solve a problem. Humans are frustrating. Who would want anything to do with this trailer park at the end of the universe. 

See you next broadcast.


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