The! New! Plague! – #7

Let’s start as we usually do, with the anger. 


At this point, we all know the first rule of the Church of the Holy Flava. Whatever you can do to escape the unfathomable depression of existance for 5 minutes (as long as you don’t hurt anyone), is fine with us. 

Well, you did it now. The religious fundamentalists will perpetuate this plague. 

Look, you think Jesus is going to be pissed at you more for a) not celebrating him in some fuckin building together coughing on each other or b) killing a bunch of your parishoners. 

If the answer isn’t c) neither, because god isn’t cruel, then congratulations, you are worshiping an asshole. He doesn’t deserve your worship because he is a conceited dick head. And not real. You are killing yourself over a fantasy.

See you in hell fuckhead.

On the positive side, mad shout out to John Krasinski. Someone needed to do this, and I am to St. Angry all the time to do this. Keep it up mainnnnneee

Now back to the anger. 

Who are these fuckers giving a raw shit about the economy right now? Like….got damn Republicans. I knew you were fucking wanting to have the entire workforce say how high when you say jump; I didn’t realize you were willing to let millions die to do it.

No one wants to have a conversation about how your 400 factory workers need to get back to work on their automated machines so you can afford that addition to your house to get away from your shit spouse and loud ass kids, and you don’t care which of your workers die to do it.

So fuck you to. America will remake its economy into something stable. It has done it at least 3-4 times since the dawn of the great experiment, and we don’t need to preserve what we had. What we had was fucked and you should accept it. So fuck you man

I am loving all of this stuff to keep people entertained at home. Whether its movie companies getting tons of shit on streaming or artists performing live weekly, I am all about it.

The arts is what will get us through this spiritually. As it always does in the darkest times. 

On saturday, I think I slept 18 hours in total. Naps and all. The weeks have been completely exhausting. If I wasn’t napping this weekend, I spent the rest of the time cleaning. 

While I agree with Emily Dickinson that Hope is the thing with feathers, I don’t think she accounted for dumbass religious hillbillies with semi-automatic 20 gauge shotguns and boxes of ammo they bought at the Cabela’s being able to shoot it down. 

These next couple of weeks are going to be even rougher. Lets try to be smart and safe out there. Find your peace. Don’t let anyone judge you. Sanitize shit and stay home. Maybe someday we will learn something from all of this….but we won’t.


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