The! New! Plague! – #6

I think….we may have hit a home life stride here. 

My wife no longer thinks its the end of the world and is focused on making this house a combination home/rec area/workspace/vacation destination. And its slowly but surely happening. 

My son is obsessed with holidays, in the way I was as a child. He is using time markers. He wants to celebrate Easter, so he can get to the 4th of July. So, all he talks about is how big of a party he wants to have for easter. 

As for me, I’ve been too busy to think. My days work like this. I do an hour and half of chores every morning. Which usually consists of de-boxing whatever came in last night (after I sprayed it with lysol when I brought it into the garage). Spraying with Lysol the interior contents to sit in quarantine for another few days (even though its Lysol’d). Putting the boxes in the recycle. Cleaning dishes. Washing and folding clothes. Etc. Then I work for 8-12 hours. Then more chores depending upon how bad my son wrecked the house the night before. Then I pass out into an anxiety dream about one thing or another. 

There is some MTG Arena and Hearthstone in there too. And drinking

While we are talking about the kid, fuck all these people who think they can be teachers. Fuck no. Look its a hot mess we are trying to organize here. The best we can do is an hour or two of class work in the morning and an hour or two in the evening. 

Thats it. In between, the little guy lives on tablet or TV. This is what it is. And fuck social media. You must have a really rich man’s job. And fuck you. 

I was raised on NES/SNES and Nickelodeon. And I have a fucking awesome job. I am so lucky.

I dont give a shit if you are raising a little reeeee. Not my problem.

I like that everyone at work has really embraced video calls. And all pretenses of corporate have fallen away. I’m wearing a Blues Brothers shirt and had calls with a ton of big wigs. No one cares.

I’ve had people scream at their kids. Dogs. Real life happen in the background. 

Its nice in a weird way. I am glad the shields are finally down.

Times of crisis also shows you who people are. There are several people I know who have fallen into sullen despair. Not over the dead. Or the continued plague. No no. They had to cancel vacations. 

And when I say despair, I mean  eschatologically.

Like the end of days would be better than not being able to go out.

Fuckin grow up. You will party and not care about life again. Because that is the human way.

A long time from now, all of this will be forgotten. And you will go back to living the life of hedonism. 

I wonder if this is why humans invented religion. To find a make believe reason to keep people from being stupid. 

Grocery stores are going back to normal. I can find everything but TP now. Even fuckin Lysol wipes. 

I have taken to wearing a bandanna like Doc Brown in Back to the Future III. It doesn’t help me with the virus. Just convinces people to get away from the crazy fuck. Good enough for me. May do that again after the crisis. 

In an odd way, I think this week was the week of acceptance. Even the immortan had to accept it.  

We in this for the long haul y’all. Learn to behave. Accept being alone. Learn a trade. Learn how to fix your house and shit. This is going to make a (slightly) different world. Be a part of it. 

 Well that’s it for now. Hope all is well with you and yours. Don’t get stupid and we will make it through. Keep ya flava fresh.

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