The! New! Plague! – #5

TP has returned to store shelves out here. Albeit not TONS of it, but I got my fair share. 

Decided to go to Trader Joe’s today. It opens at 9am, I get there at 845am, and you would have thought it was fucking Outbreak. 20+ people in line fuckin hazmatted out. Makeshift home stuff. Gloves. Head cover. Trash bags. Paint masks. One person had a full spraypaint like mouth cover. Gloves of all shapes and sizes. 

I called my wife and I said, “There is nothing we need at TJs this bad. I’m not gettin dat nasty rona from a bunch of assholes trying to get the frozen chinese food.” 

Went to Publix instead where 4 people were shopping and TP was had. 

To mentally escape the insanity, I have been retreating to anything that gives comfort. And sometimes, that leads to unexpected places. 

I have been listening to a SHIT ton of Levon Helm. Something about the sort of dirt country sound that feels like surviving tough times. I’m about it. 


I would describe my day as burst-y. There are small periods of quiet broken up by large periods of LOUD. Just alot of activity all at once. Cooking. Helping my son do stuff. Cleaning. Dishes. 

Life is like a Pixies song right now. 

I feel like Football is the worst fucking thing that happened to America (more on this maybe once the crisis is over). A ton of people don’t believe how dangerous this disease is because they don’t see the points on the scoreboard. They want the fucking bodies. 

Well, they will fucking get them. Don’t know if it will be next week or the week after, but we are in a bad place here man. 

Except stupidity and madness to increase. 

When it comes to movies, I am only watching the movies I watched a ton of whenver I got sick. Anything that comforts. Currently, its the Coen brothers’ True Grit. This is a fucking polished movie. I think I may have even spoke this movies praises on this blog before, but I can’t speak them enough. Retro review coming some day.

Well, keeping it short for now. Not much going on. I have to ride hard on the Fury Road AGAIN tomorrow. Oh fuckin joy. 


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