The! New! Plague! – #4

There are two types of people out and about right now. 

  • Hard workin motherfuckers who got to be out there to get paid. Grocery store workers, nurses, etc. But even more than that. In my county’s infinite wisdom, they are repaving the road to my house. Right now. Mid coronavirus. No idea why, but those guys are out there working. No gear. I suppose people don’t give a shit. 
  • Assholes

If you are an asshole, stay home. Fuckin when your lungs are fucked for the rest of your life, or you kill your nana or some shit, that shit is on you. Don’t want to hear shit about how the government fucked you up and you gunna vote republican and shit. Fuck you. You are a victim of your own stupidity. Eat shit.

Also, if you buy into that QAnon shit, fuck you too. Your revolution is a fucking horror movie that you tell yourself is real. I have had to spend an unreasonable amount of time this week dealing with family just trying to find answers on how to survive, that have been inundated with how this is some kind of false flag for Trump to arrest some secret cabal of people you don’t like. 

News flash motherfucker. Conspiracies, generally speaking, are bullshit. They require sophistication, planning, and everyone around it to be in on it. None of which human beings are good at. Every fucking conspiracy falls fucking flat because fucking people are incompetent and stupid. 

Jesus christ grow up motherfuckers. Accept the reality that is infront of you. I know you want the world to go to shit because you work at the Amazon warehouse or some shit and fuckin are addicted to opioids and are trying to find a reason to your miserable life. 

There is no fucking reason shithead. Life is an accident that shouldnt have happened. Too bad. There is no savior. Too bad. 

ALL THAT SAID, I am actually proud of my neighbors. They have stuck together during this time. Visiting each other (at an appropriate distance). Making sure everyone has what they need. Sewing N95 masks. I’m proud. They are doing good out there.

THANK GOD. What a champion

The days have a feel of eons. 

And it always seems something is going wrong. For example, turns out part of my basement I dont go to often flooded out a few months back. I lost about 1/5 of my books. 

This feels  like par for the course now. 

It doesn’t feel like waiting for the next shoe to drop. It feels like shoes are raining from the sky and we need to take cover before we get stomped on. 

This guy is a fucking hero. Vocals are strong too.

Also, my dad got exposed to COVID-19. One of his coworkers has it. He’s got 7 more days to ride out in quarantine. 

 Hope seems like a fish you can’t catch. We are surviving. More reports from the survivor scrolls coming soon. 

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