The! New! Plague! – #33

I’m kind of wondering when the anxiety goes away. I guess it doesn’t.

The only positive I can say from the week that was at this point is that it is another week that my son dodged that rona (that I know of), and that he dodged bringing it home. He fucking loves school, now that he is having the real experience, so that it fantastic and is still going a few weeks in.

It just……it does feel like the walls are closing in. More kids getting sick. Schools going remote.

I’m kind of waiting for the chaos become routine, like it felt at one point later in last year’s portion of the pandemic. But it hasn’t happened yet.

For now, I can be grateful that we doing just fine. It’s just the chaos that is surrounding us.

I want to take a moment to discuss this shit:

At this point, you have probably seen a million of these types of things. This bullshit is going on everywhere. But there is so much here, I want to break it down a bit.

  • Props. She brought props.
  • I’ve seen this spoon shit a few times now. If you told me I was going to get Magneto powers cause I vaxxed up, got damn I would have said ‘say less…’
  • The glow-in-the-dark powers is new to me. That feels like it would be pretty sweet. Being able to not trip on shit at night when you are trying to go get a piss. Down with that shit.
  • You know. I’m not the healthiest man. I eat what I want (doing fried chicken tonight). I get drunk far to often. But, I do still run 3-4 miles a day. I’m going out on a limb here. Vaxx or not, I would bet that I live longer than this bitch. She seems like her fire gunna burn out fast.
  • Look at her face at the very end. The expression. The smug self-congratulatory smile. The “I have complete confidence that you are going to die and burn in hell” face. First off, do you think Jesus is stoked about sending people to hell. Second, what kind of payoff do you think this has for you. Lets say the conspiracy is true, who is going to make your budlite you stupid bitch.

It only took me several years, but I finally got around to Brutal Doom. Dunkey described it as fuckin “beef and cheese, hungry mans dinner” of a mod. He ain’t lying.

Doom II is a game that I spent I-can’t-even-fuckin-tell-you number of hours playing over and over. An amount of time that is not possible now that I am old as fuck.

And playing this now. It is like…the best kind of refresh. Better graphics, fucking a shit pile of weapons. Intense as shit. Somehow took an intense game and made it MORE of that.

With Doom II available for like $2-3 these days, I cannot recommend just getting it (or hell if you can find a CD or disk of it, get the .wad file) and fire this shit up.

And the fucking rona took fucking SONNY CHIBA away from us. An actual legend of exploitation cinema. If he got exposed cause of the olympics, I’m telling you right now: The entire olympics is not worth losing Sonny Chiba. Got damn.

If you only know him from Kill Bill, you are in luck. The Street Fighter is public domain. But before you do that. You ready for the greatest ending of any trailer in the history of cinema? Of course you are.

Credit to Todd in the Shadows for making me aware of this.

Well, I think that’s all I got for this week. Hope everyone is staying safe out there in TV land. Don’t do no shit I wouldn’t do. Here’s hoping there is better reporting next week.

Find time to do some cool shit. Drink and watch some fucking awesome movie. That’s what I will be doing this weekend.

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