The! New! Plague! – #32

Apologies for the delay. An asshole third-party cut my fucking cable run in my house. I lived in the dark of no internet for a scary 20 hours while I had to wait for Comcast’s dumbass to haul out and fix it. We almost resorted to cannibalism, but we made it.

Well, week 1 of my son’s school is over and no rona. At least none reported at his school.

This week was all anxiety nights and delirium days. Probably the least amount of sleep per week that I have experienced in a decade. Several nights this week I fell asleep at like 9pm, woke up at 11:30pm and couldn’t sleep again till 3 or 4am.

Is it worry for no good reason? The main vector into the house is still my son, and despite more kids getting the thing, its still not as big of an issue as adults.

So, a possible (and truthfully, likely) scenario is my son gets dat rona, never develops a symptom, doesn’t spread a viral load big enough in the house for the fully vaccinated people to contract the thing, and we go about our lives.

I mean its possible. Is it probable……ehhhhhhhhhh

My son is oblivious to all this by the way. He is fucking loving being at school, even in a mask. Getting to be with other kids, playing, etc. He is loving it. Its much better for his development than the kindergarten he spent at home. He has some friends and shit already. So hell, that may be enough benefit vs. risk….I dunno….

In Rona conspiracy news, there is one thing I want to address.

The new hotness coming out of the idiots (non-vaxxed) I have the misfortune to be related to is that they want to “wait until the FDA officially approves” the vaccine. That it has had emergency approval now, and that aint good enough.

A few things: Why the fuck does everyone have to act like they are experts in every fucking thing on planet earth. It is impossible to be an expert in everything. Especially if you didn’t go to college, medical school, and are a fucking welder or some shit. You don’t know a fucking thing about how fucking medicine works.

Also, you don’t trust the government about ANYTHING, but FDA approval is the government function you have 1000% faith in?

Lastly, how much do you know about the difference between these two processes? Absolutely nothing? Thats what I thought.

This week I had someone tell me I was going to die in 10 years because I took the vaccine. Dogg, if the great global conspiracy can make SUPER ULTRA SLOW DEATH drugs. Fuckin your bud lite drinkin ass aint going to stop them with a 7.62×39 ain’t doing fuckin shit. You will be dead along with me.

Oh, and who will make your bud lite once all the vaccinated die? Dumbass. Someone still has to sweep the fucking floor and clean the shitter. The illuminati ain’t doing that shit themselves.

Speaking of NON-rona conspiracies, I was recently informed that fucking douchebag billfold for the conservative set, is going to drop that HELLA big PROOF on Tuesday of….stuff…..election??….satan? Some shit. Big truck.

So you know, stock up on chocolate soldier and frankenberry, here comes that fucking apocolypse!

I love how conservatives all are fucking Neil Breen now. That all you got to do is drop THE EVIDENCE and everyone will kill themselves. Conservatives have a fundamental misunderstanding of how shame works.

Even if you had anything (they don’t), no one will give a shit. Life will go on. I’ll still be able to get Pizza Hutt.

So, I am back to some of my old early pandemic behaviors. Been watching old David Lean movies.

I think Doctor Zhivago gets a bad rap. It seems to be one of those mid-classic hollywood standards that doesn’t get the kind of play that it’s contemporaries do.

I highly suggest a fresh look at it. I can only speak for myself, but I am comforted by the experience of living through a time of actual hardship and turmoil. Plus, its a fantastic emotional study of these characters still trying to be alive through this type of experience.

It completely holds up, and should be one of those movies that people point to when talking about what kind of masterpieces actually came out of classic hollywood technique.

One last thing, I have been looking to get into the cordcutting ways of living. This was unrelated to my recent actual cord cut experienced above.

I fucking hate cable, and have been looking to ditch it for a while. The problem is negotiating the price of just internet to where it makes financial sense. Working on that part.

But, I took a bit of money, got an HD antenna and a DVR. Got DAMN how much has the technology evolved. I didn’t realize that there were like 40+ channels out there over the air. Now, most of it is crap (I have 4-5 Jesus channels for example), but there is a ton of WEIRD stuff. Local public access type broadcasts, etc. The majors come in, in flawless quality.

If I can get the price negotiated down, this is infinitely a better deal than cable. It takes a bit of investment to set up (you will need some room next to a window or a wall where no one can see), but I recommend it.

Well, another week. Hopefully I can get some actual sleep this week. Hope you and yours are doing well out there in flava country.

Find some time to just live. There is alot of life we are all enduring right now. Set aside a bit of time to live. Even if its just a thimble full.

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