The! New! Plague! – #31

Here we are again. We end up here the same way as before. Had other plans, updates on the plague intervened.

Where we last left off, I got vaxxed up, the numbers started going down, everything was looking…..better?

I should have known we would be back here. With dat rona fuckin everywhere and only getting worse.

The real reason why I chose to bring back The! New! Plague! this week was the visit I had to my son’s school. After making it through remote kindergarten, we decided that we wanted him to actually have the school experience this time. Go in person. Make friends. All of those important things in life.

And this was back in May. I assumed it would stay at kind of like a dull roar…and by the time the rona fired back up, my son would be vaccinated.

Well, definitely wrong about the case load. Also, wrong about anyone else but me caring about the case load. Going into the visit, I assumed COVID restrictions were back…given how insane everything is right now.

For first grade, its 5 kids sharing one table. No masks required at all so like between 1/4 and 1/5 of the families had them.

Plus if one of those kids tests positive, that whole side of the classroom is quarantined for two weeks.

You may be asking yourself about remote again…well what my district did was create a “remote school.” If you were going to do remote, you are disconnected from your local school and placed in the remote school. So no one is zooming anything.

We are riding on the whims of the YOLO assholes bringing the disease to my son.

So here I am. Sword of Damocles hanging over my head yet again.

Don’t get me wrong. I am vaccinated this time…but my son isn’t. And despite the odds being even lower, kids hospitals are being innudated.

I told my wife, at this point, we have to grit our teeth and expect it. Hope we get lucky and the vaccine can get to his age group as fast as possible.

There is too much on my mind right now, but among the things on my mind is the fact that we definitely didn’t have to be here.

We have the fucking cure and the shit is FREE. $0.

And people still wont take it. I know people who did meth who are telling me that the vaccine I took will kill me in 2-10 years.

Its just…I don’t even know what to say at this point.

We are all stuck on this same boat…and your arrogance and stupidity has a chance of killing us all. How very fucking christian of you.

So it just leaves us the remaining choice. Headlong into it. It is a risk I have to take. My son needs friends, he will go get them.

And I will drink. It’s what Jim Lahey would do.

As I am writing this, my dad called me. Calling off any and all family shit for the time being. Hospitals back home are full.

Look, I have a feeling you should expect more of these. I’m not in the right mindset to spend energy digging into any old bullshit.

I hope you and yours are either vaxxed or if they can’t, staying safe. It’s brutal out here.

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