The! New! Plague! – #30 – Dose 2 Edition

It’s the new lease on life. I am now fully vaxxed up. The actual process was about the same as last time. A bigger delay. I think they were short staffed, but I now have my vaccine. Also, if you are a huge nerd like me, get a pocket protector for your card.

That next day.

I’ve fuckin had the typhoid shot. I’ve been on anti-malarial drugs. No reaction from any of that ever in my life.

This second shot. I felt that shit. I would describe the acute symptoms like a mild hangover. Just fuzzy. Some body aches. Lack of appetite.

But that’s not the bad part. The bad part is the fatigue. Tired, all the time, all day. You can take a 4 hour nap and wake up tired. My wife was played out worse with a mild fever and body aches. But the fatigue seems to be the uniting factor. Just tired and can’t get enough rest.

24 hours later? Totally fine. Like nothing happened. The arm soreness is still there like a little but that is fading by the day.

The point of that story is to just be prepared. Take the next day off if you can.

I want to address two quick things in the fully vaxxed world. First, all these people who want masks to go away tomorrow.

Fuckin, this thing has not gone. Sure cases may have flatlined in the US, but the rest of the world…

Look at that shit

Did we forget that the disease is across the fucking WORLD? Unless the U.S. is planning on going full old school China and close all boarders to everything (which they are fucking not, the walmart shoppers would flip), we have to stop it across the world.

Wear your mask and do your bit. It isn’t that hard to do. Are you a fucking puss? Don’t be a puss.

The other thing, is everyone is freaking out about the CEO of Pfizer running his mouth about the booster shot. And people fucking FREAKED OUT.

No this is not about Pfizer making more money. They make more money than Jesus off the little blue pill. No this is not about Pfizers shot being less effective. Why would the CEO of a corporation hamstring his own product. No this is not about trying to keep us ADDICTED to vaccines or whatever QAnon horseshit we have this week.

Yo, smart people BEEN saying we are stuck with this for a long time to come. You should just count your goddamn blessings that science has wrangled this thing down. You should just count your lucky stars that da rona mutates less frequently than the flu. Again, much like Ghostbusters, Jesus didn’t save you. Science did.

So where do we go from here. I am fully vaxxed up. Am I actually ready to join the outside world again?

I mean, have I ever wanted to join the outside world? I can tell you I dont feel anxious at the store anymore. I’m probably ready to eat outdoors at a restaurant once the 2 weeks pass. I’m actually going to get my fucking hair cut.

The point is we are at an inflection point. If you want to see whatever you define as “normal” attempt to return, then get your fucking shot. Then you can go spit in other people’s mouth or play beer pong or whatever the kids do.

For me, I will return to my cave. But I will return knowing that I put a ceiling on my consequences if I get exposed to the rona. And that actually is a comfort.

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