The! New! Plague! – #3

 My wife needed some over the counter meds for her illness. I was debating going out in the hellscape. Went with Postmates. 

Surprisingly, Postmates got me the meds (and some chiops) within 25 min. I was shocked. 

Gave the driver a 100% tip. Sprayed Lysol on all the shit and letting it airdry out there for an hour.

Having everyone home at the same time is taxing. I feel like we are going through separate things. Wife is still sick, struggling with antiboitics. My son doesn’t see what the big deal is (cause he is a pre-schooler), and he wants to play. And I am responsible for everything. 

Live video of me at my house

 Went out to the pharmacy and stores today. You know, not bad. 

No line at the pharmacy.

The stores are interesting now. Plenty of stuff, but its just…..adjusting what you want. 

Like if you want baked beans, they don’t have every single flavor, but they have tons of original. 

If you adjust your expectations, plenty to eat. 

…Someone mentioned to me that we will have to go back to a bit of the old ways….I think thats right. 

I think what Colbert is doing is incredible. He’s doing his show come hell or high water, and I am here for it. Its dumb, and a bit surreal, and he is an american hero. Keep it up. 

Stay safe, stay clean. Don’t be stupid. Stay inside. Wash your hands. Wash your penis. More transmissions as they happen. 

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