The! New! Plague! – #28

Its been a minute since we did one of these. And with the sheer VOLUME of retrospective pieces, I figured I would be remiss if I didn’t do one.

I feel like I am stating the obvious when I say that this has been one of the most stressful, life-changing, difficult, and confusing 365 days of my life.

Back when this shit started, I did not expect to be in a very similar place as I was ever so long ago. I did have the fortune of a headstart. Colleagues made it the topic of conversation early in Feb 2020, and I was brought in on projects related to the Rona by end of Feb.

So, by the time the GREAT PANIC hit, we were in a decent enough spot. Took us a while to get our sea legs fully, but hey, we are still here.

So, where are we now? Living that full pandemic life. My wife got a remote job, so she’s home all the time. My son FINALLY got adjusted to remote learning (the new babysitter really helps with that), and he is really excelling there. And any relative I have that is over 65 has been fully vaccinated.

As a result, the cracks in the wall are coming. My parents already are discussing visiting as soon as they can get vaccinated. My parents-in-law (who are over 65 and live around the corner) want to start up the Sunday dinners again (pre-rona, we got together every Sunday). My wife is on me to start going places as a family again. Remote places, but to just breathe a little bit.

And yet my fear is still there. A constant piece of discourse from the stupid side of the isle throughout this whole fucking thing has been “Well, if you are afraid, STAY HOME. We gunna go out with our dick out and shit.”

I hate to say this, but it does trigger me more than it should. I am afraid. Shouldn’t you still be? Cases have plateaued across the US, not gone down. And people desperately want out. And I don’t blame them…

But still…

I cannot get over the fear I have on this thing. I’m definitely the most paranoid person about the virus in my entire extended family. Hell, my brothers kid is out on a baseball team. You don’t think I want something like that for my son? It doesn’t happen cause I don’t want anyone in the house to get the virus.

So here we are. God’s lonely man out here trying take on Death in a chess match that I can’t win. I suck at chess anyway.

The only hope I have is that the vaccine seems to be working. And I want that fucking shot. Give it to me. All my friends are talking about.

I have no idea if it will get rid of my anxiety, but it’s a start. I said at the top of this thing that I will be agoraphobic by the end of it, and that is looking to be the case.

Lets move on to more positive, random shit from the week that was.

I was sitting with my wife one night this week. She is watching some art documentary on netflix, I’m watching TNG. She stops what she is doing and immediately hits me on the shoulder. Goes, “you got to see this. This shit is for you.” And she was totally fucking right. [Editor’s note: Due to this piece being NSFW, going to just link to it.]

Hand on Breast” by Jeff Koons

That piece sold for 1.4 million. And I totally approve. You know, art is tough to defend sometimes, but in light of the majesty of this piece, I think high art is well defended.

That is on the wall in someone’s home, and I would very much like to meet this person…as long as I have an escape route planned.

Speaking of sus things, I have been a fan of Dunkey for a long time now. So, I get a bunch of recommendations with him in it. Well…he got interviewed by a certain Twitch streamer….and I wasn’t prepared for it.

I have several questions/observations
  • How good is mocap tech now? Is it consumer grade? How much did it cost this streamer?
  • Interviewing is like the laziest thing you can do with this tech.
  • Is this the future of horny jail? Like are we actually watching the future of porn right now. This is some Blade Runner 2049 shit right herre. You can just transform into whatever. That is a weird fucking thing. One day we will all tell our grandkids “I was there when being sus got a tech upgrade.

In the time since I started writing this, Yung Beezy announced that states need to make the vaccine available to everyone by May 1.

Wouldn’t that be some shit. Wouldn’t it be some shit if we actually manage to science this fucking thing to death. Hell, its something to look forward to, and given how bleak the past year has been, I will fucking take it.

Keep yo flava fresh out there. Stay awesome. See you next week.

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