The! New! Plague! – #27

Despite despair all around, much much better week. I think things are finally getting quieter leading into holiday. 

I mean, not out there in the world. 

But at home. 

Yes the week was tough, but on the sliding scale of 2020, rock solid C of a week. 

Everyones out of the hospital. No one got sick. Everybody is doing well. My little man is stoked for Christmas, my wife started the new gig, and, everything is just kind of leveling off for a bit. 

Ill take it. 

 In a complete surprise to me, Sturgill let us all bask in Vol 2 of his bluegrass session. 

My hot take, I think I like vol 1 more, but this is WAY more out there. Takes some strong leaps with some of his songs and I appreciate that. More than i will feel about the other big release today I can tell you. 

But, I recommend giving it a listen. At the very least, get in their for the musicians man. They got some crazy good players in there.

Meanwhile, the immortan, 14 states, and 106 representatives have decided to go full sedition.  

Look, I know there are some true believers out there, but I want this recorded for postarity. You are all fucking stupid. History will be kind to none of this. You will be remembered for being shitty budlight drinking assholes who tried to overthrow the government from their armchairs once. 

God damn, shut the fuck up. For real. 

Like I am tired of arguing, I am tired of explaining why you are fucking wrong. If you can’t see it by now, you fucked up. I dont know what else to tell you. 

Dunkey is the middle of an experiment and I am here for it.  

His cut a video last week (below), where he decided to go full Youtube choad. See what its like. 

Go to a daily schedule. Talk youtube drama. Play Among Us. The whole shit. 

What did he learn? Its fucking working

Its sort of a weird giant art project. He’s making a statement and making money off of it. All the daily videos are his brand of funny trash, but they are trash. And he knows it. And it doesn’t matter. 

To be honest, I kind of hope he keeps going with this till the wheels fall off. Just run the fucking money in the ground. See what happens. 

If you think bitcoin is an investment, you are a dumbass.

Ok, I think thats what I got in me today. Have a great one. Stay awesome out there, and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do. 


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