The! New! Plague! – #24

Holy shit, this past week is in competition for one of the worst weaks since the fucking thing began. Lets start simple, my grandmother got the Rona. She was….ok at first, they had to get her to the ER last night, her Oxygen stat plummeted. 

Its not going to be good folks. Asides from diabetes, she has all the other co-morbidities. And this is the woman who basically raised me up from jump street.  

I cannot pretend I am not completely freaked out. 


And my story is not alone. We silly with the rona out here. 

Positive news is definitely on the horizon, but we are still several months away.  

I had to go to the store earlier today. Already out of toilet paper and all cleaning supplies. 

Luckily I am still stocked up from the top of the pandemic. So, at least that’s good. 


Luckily, my family is playing it smart. My mom went on the warpath. “No Thanksgiving. No Christmas. Too bad”

I think my grandma going to the hospital after her husband was there not 3 months ago set it in stone. 

But i know PLENTY of people going to get together with their families. 

I got a feeling we are headed for a STRONG winter. 

And of course the immortan is out here wanting america to suck his dick. Can’t believe that girl don’t want more of that dack

All while his goddamn voter base is dying of COVID. 

Congress has a stick up their ass and couldn’t give a raw fuck about how bad it is out there for everyone. 

And so everyone is on their own. In a better world, there could be a sense of coming together against a great adversary. How science is going to defeat this menace. How we all came together to bring each other up when we needed it most. 

What? I can’t drink my bud light in a bar and wattch football. MAHHFRREEEDDOOOMMM. Lets go to Parler and talk about some racist shit. 


And so here we are. Stuck in the winter of our shame and stupidity. 

I got some time off coming up that would give me time to mentally reset. And fuck knows I need it. Until yesterday, I hadn’t made a gif for two weeks. Just felt mentally and physically drained every second of every day. Too much work. Too much life. Too much rona. 

Existence is in suspended animation. And I am just checking in to make sure everyone I care about stays in suspended animation with me. 

I think its going to be hard, at least in the short term, to write any more longform shits. So you may see another set of The! New! Plague!’s in the future. I’ll try to keep them a bit less depressing than this one. I’ll find more shit to distract. 

In the meantime, stay the fuck home. Wear your fucking mask. Don’t be an asshole. Give shit about someone other than yourself. And stay safe. 


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