The! New! Plague! – #21

The plague has continued to spread on the homefront. My dad and my grandfather both started getting sick last thursday. They got tested last weekend. Sure enough, confirmed COVID-19. Grandfather is in his 80s, had strokes before, heart issues, etc.

My dad has been tough it at home all week. Only symptoms now are fatigue and the COVID cough. 

My grandfather is not so lucky. Hes in the hospital, on all of the COVID drugs. Taking oxygen through a nasal cannula. He’s in decent spirits. Fever finally went away. Rest of the symptoms still there. Probably be most of next week before he makes it out. 

Then, my mother in law, for reasons we do not know, blacked out on friday morning. Completely passed out. Fell on her kitchen counter then floor. 

Father in law got an ambulance and she’s in the hospital. Coming home today. They did all of the tests. None of the big stuff. No bleeds, no cancer. etc. 

It has been a very hard week to like….think. 

How do you process any of this. I think they will each be fine, fuck if I know. 

When it rains it pours I suppose, but damn man. This world is a cruel piece of shit. 

So then when I see shit like Sturgis, or anyone still out here talking conspiracy. My gut reaction is fuck you in the ring piece. I really hope your life is terrible dogshit. Like you are broke all the time, and can’t get out of your podunk town, and your local grocery store is out of Bud Light.

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There is a variety stuff I could try to care about. Epic Games taking on the world for money. Ben Shapiro out here being the morality police.  But, I can’t even muster up the wherewithal to care about any of this. 

I’m out here drifting on this island that is my house. Watching how rough the seas are as they smash against the house.

You know that scene in 25th Hour. The one that seemed to confuse alot of people I knew when the film first came out. The one where his dad paints a different reality for him. 

Here’s a taste. The whole sequence is chopped in pieces on ye ol’ youtubers. 

I don’t dream often, when I do it’s nightmares, but recently I have dreamed of things that look like this. An alternate reality. Something to occupy your mind with. Thinking about a future that could be. 

But as we know from 25th Hour. The whole point, is that they can’t. Monty Brogan still goes to Otisville. And, I am still here. In this house. Hoping the world will get better. Knowing it won’t.

Sorry this one was a downer. But, its what I got for you. Will next week be better? Will everyone recover just fine? Will there be a sense of normality? Stay tuned. Same bat time. Same bat channel. 


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