The! New! Plague! – #20

This week, I definitely feel grateful in only one aspect for being a southerner. 

Sure we completely fucked up the coronavirus. Our hospitals are overloaded. The disease has gone off the rails, and still people doing what they want to do. 

BUT, at least our schools have gone fully remote for now. And said they were going to weeks and weeks ago. 

Several of my friends who live in areas where the virus is more under control are wondering wtf they are going to do if the school shuts down. 

I say, bet on it and prepare for it. 

Our preparation, luckily, starts paying off this week. I don’t know how remote kindergarten will work, but we set up a situation where if the remote learning fails, my son will get some kind of education. 

And I think it will fall apart…at least in some capacity. It is really hard for me to be optimistic heading into the last part of this year. The virus is on a mad rise, and we don’t even have the flu going around yet. I expect some kind of systems breaking down like we saw in March/April as illness gets more widespread. 

I just wonder if we were more….I dunno, disciplined in the decades after WWII. Or have people just been this dumb, assuming they are right at all cost. 

I have far too many relatives buying into everything and even as shit gets worse, they are tap dancing through it. 

People want to compare things prior to now as the roaring 20s. I don’t think its that. I think its like….a new Puritanism. It feels like things are absolute in their mind and anyone who doesn’t fit the model is to be dealt with in some capacity. 

It makes me sad because it didn’t have to be this way. I just felt like we are so close to like actual science solving peoples problems. But, oh no, stupidity and greed win the day again. 

Lets do something positive in this time of trouble. 

Everyone I know who got COVID-19. Friends, family, people I hate. All had minor symptoms and made it to the other side fine. No hospitals. No medicine being prescribed. 

Just managed to get past it with sheer obstinance alone. And for that I am grateful.

Also on better notes. Is it just me, or is streaming getting better. The nostalgia itch has never been easier to scratch. 

I feel like HBO Max is on a stealth path toward domination, Amazon Prime is loudly gathering every piece of content it can, and Netflix somehow still managing to supersede all of those with the shit people are talking about this week. 

The only one who is sucking ass is Disney+. We need fresh stupidity. Pull ALL of the content. Every touchstone movie. Just pull it all in. You have two fucking platforms (Hulu and Disney+). Fuckin use it. 

On that nostalgia note.,, 

That is really what is going to get me through this thing. Crawling into that hole of the 90s and not coming out till all this bullshit passes. Ive been consuming all the shit, even shit that wasn’t good.  Just to live in what good parts of my childhood I remember. 

And I don’t really have shame about it. That may be how I get through this fuckin thing. 

My advice to my congregation is the same. Find the thing that will let you escape the unfathomable depression of existence for 5 minutes, even more so now when that chasm is widening and deepening. Now is the time to shut the doors, go full Willy Wonka, get your favorite hooch,  and relax if you can. We are in it for the long haul. 

A friend of a friend told me a story once. He was tripping on acid through a hurricane making landfall. Even though his brother was with him, he was screaming the entire time. The power had gone out already. In their high ass wisdom, they went down to the garage into a cherry red VW beetle, put on some Pink Floyd, and tried to chill. All during his trip, his brother was like, “Come on man. We gunna ride this out. Look. I got it Neutral. Lets cruise baby.”

Thats what we need to do. Get fucked up. Lets cruise baby. 

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