The! New! Plague! – #2

I made the mistake of opening Facebook to check on my relatives and friends from back home in the backwoods (This is pretty much all FB is good for these days). I was greeted with a screed from a wife of a friend that was about some anti-vaxx shit. And how this virus is a hoax to keep government control on the population and some shit about the Book of Revelations and government control was the actual first sign of the apocalypses. 

I blocked her and deleted the facebook app off my phone. 



 I wonder if the TP thing is just a microcosm of the panic. Just everyone freaking out buying what makes sense. 

Or if its a preview of coming attractions. Who knows?

Cut to yesterday. Get a call from my parents in law. My father in law is out of diabetes medication, and he needs it for tonight. 

Keep in mind, i told them 4-5 days ago to get their scripts refilled and I would go one morning to walgreens to get them. 

So, we ride hard on the Fury Road. I get there, and there is only one car ahead of me in the drive thru. Perfect. 

But, i wait 20 min anyway. I’m wondering what the hell is going on. 

I get my turn and pull up to the window. There is like 20 people in line to get their script. I give them the information, and only half of the medicine is ready. 

So, I start saying to fill it…and the power goes out. 

I wait like 10 min for everything to boot up. Meanwhile the employees are on the phone, trying to figure out what is going on, and trying to see if I can get the missing scripts.

And the power goes out again. 

After like 20 min of negotiation, i got the absolute essentials, including the diabetes medication. I’m about to pay…and the power goes out again. 

I pay….I get out of there. 


On the way home, my movie theater has fire trucks blocking the entrances and 3 ambulances out front.


It’s hard for this not to feel like the end of the world. 

I still have friends and such who are going out and about. Restaurants, church, etc. I keep saying stay your ass home…..I’m wondering how many will listen. I’m also wondering what the hell the world will look like next week. 

More broadcasts when I have time. Stay safe. Stay home. Don’t be stupid. Geaux Tigers.  

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