The! New! Plague! – #19

Maybe we are all just Sisyphus.  With the boulder in this scenario being assholes. 

The drama of the past week has been figuring out how to arrange school for my kid in the fall. Kindergarten, I don’t think, was meant for the plague. 

And so its been a ton of bullshit on the homefront. 

Don’t get me wrong, this is completely the right thing. People completely fucked the mask principles, so now we are in the land of heavy disease. And its only a matter of time and annoyance before the bodies pile up. 

So here we are, preparing for a long winter in the middle of summer. 

There is a contingent out there among the more optimistic people I know that a vaccine will come out of no where in the fall. No it fucking wont. Sure they are rushing it, but I highly doubt the average consumer sees a vaccine (assuming they are in fact effective and don’t shit the bed). 

Its much more likely that if one has good efficacy, it will be available to the most at risk for society. Politicians, doctors, nurses, teachers, etc. I think April 2021 is much more likely. 

And if thats the case…at the rate shit is going, Fuckin a good chunk of the US will have it. And at that point….

I already see it happening. My aunt-in-law got it last week. Two close friends of the family both got it this week.  

I feel like the walls are closing in a bit. How long before it makes it to me?

I am having trouble focusing. Hell, I can see it in my writing. I’m not sleeping well. I am hitting the liquor too much and too often. 

In a way, I don’t understand why I am reacting like this. Every issue of The! New! Plague! have lead here. And truthfully, I thought we would be worse off. I thought the supply chain would be WAYYYY more fucked up. Sure, there is some stuff you can’t get, but generally, I have everything I need and more to survive.  

And I am in the lucky enough position that I don’t have to leave my internet ivory tower. I am safe within these walls, employed, and all is good. 

And still…..

Distractions have become tougher and tougher. Finding stuff to hide my mind in is less easy than it was during the first part of the crisis. 

But I find even stuff that on a normal day, I would be really interested in watcing/consuming/whathaveyou, isn’t helping. I find myself just stopping in the middle to go back to whatever is actually distracting me

I am still going to try to cram out some of the unrelated pieces I had planned before shit went south. I may try to bang out one of those this week. 

Till then, stay strong my dear congregation. Tougher times are coming. 

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