The! New! Plague! – #18

Holy shit what a week.

So we are back on the new plague. I have a feeling, you will see this more. There is a very specific reason. 

My wife had a COVID-19 test. She is negative. Thank the fuck christ.

Short version of leading up to it. She got food poisoning, one night of real bad sickness, then nothing. Turns out that it wasn’t just that. Must have been a virus cause 1 or 2 other people in their office had it, including one with a fever, headache, etc. 

No one with respiratory symptoms.  Her doctor had her get a test and isolate. 

Good lord that 24 hours was more anxiety than I had the entire crisis. Cause you know, it finally hit home. My wife actually left an hour early for her test. 

Which brings me to why I am writing this. Testing. Holy shit it is a miracle anyone gets testing. The free test you have to be in a 4 hour car line to get tested, and it takes 2-5 days from there. 

There are other tests, but literally no one is handling any business on the phone. Everything is online only. And a ton of places only takes appointments a day in advance, and they release appointments every 10 minutes. It took me spamming 4 locations of testing sites near me for an hour to manage to get an appointment for her. 

The actual site was done like clockwork. That must be because it was run by the local university and not the state. She ended up there about an hour and half, but she got a result. Negative. 

And we are lucky, we can pay for the quick test. Another thing pricing out the poor.


Seriously, follow @dasharez0ne

So that leads us to now. 

What do people even do? Cases are through the fuckin roof. Schools are going to be hot mess chaos. Prepare for another economic plummet as a result. Markets are fuckin on their own planet from reality, which never ends well. 

Given the fact that Hot Wheels is backing down finally I give it another month before we are all locked back inside. 

Which is where we should have fuckin been till cases actually plummeted. But no, people need to get their nails done. They are bored of netflix and need to go on the road. I have fucking friends planning fucking road trips. And I am like, you have lost your fucking mind. Extroversion is the actual disease. 

We live in an ambiguity with no federal leadership, everyone running around crazy, and a world of chaos. 

Ive heard people describe right now as halftime. I don’t think its that. Its part one of a i-don’t-know-how-many-part mini-series about the collapse of what we knew as reality. 

I have no idea what to expect next. So, I recommend drinking heavily and preparing for the worst. Get all the shit you may need now. I know I am. 

Brace for impact. 

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