The! New! Plague! – #17

And we moved from one plague to a longer older plague. This bullshit happened before. Realistically, it will happen again, but so far, these protests look unstoppable. And that makes me happy. 

Maybe people can actually effect change, even with a dipshit president.  

Just stay on target. Keep your eye on the prize. Don’t let them placate you.  This may hit critical mass, and shit may change. Till then, with great sadness, George Floyd joins the list that is far too long. Say his name

While we are on the topic, here is some shit you can do. Fuckin donate to important shit. There are a ton of good causes out there. And use the time to educate yourself. Get smarter. Learn shit about yourself. For example:

Speaking of all of that, RTJ4 dropped cause it needed to. Full review coming next week, but this is an amazing achievement. Killer Mike and El-P needed to come together. The world would be less without them. So far, this is what I think the best track on the record is (this should be no surprise). 

In standard disease news, everyone seemed to have forgotten about the plague. Including myself. I have been following the protests so closely, that I have been tracking the disease less and less. Don’t get me wrong, I am still vigilant. But, we have hit a sort of pause in the action. Cases are level, hospitalizations are going down…..we are at halftime (to use a terrible sports analogy). 

And things may go back to normal. Office reopens for the wife on monday (pushed back a week for the protests). My son probably goes back to pre-school. Its an odd time. 

I have a nagging fear it will all come back with a vengeance. But here’s hoping it doesn’t. 

Do I have anything positive to say at this point? Is there anything that is good or wholesome going on. No, there isn’t. Keep at it. I yield my time, FUCK YOU


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