The! New! Plague! – #16

Well Reddit, I can tell you why people are upset about Some Good News being sold to CBS All Access. It’s because it felt genuine. Call us gullible if you would like. But, at least for me, I needed something that had hope. Something that had human joy without a price tag attached. 

Should we have seen it coming? Maybe. But, I wanted to believe. I wanted to believe that this was a truly altruistic gesture. Sorry I didn’t want to fully die into the void at this moment. I wanted to believe that someone was doing a good thing for the sake of just being happy. 

I didn’t think of it as a fucking brand that was going being built up. It makes you feel dirty for even caring. At least I do.

No, I didn’t expect the man to continue it forever. I figured it would stop at some point. Maybe he would have someone in the community continue it. Its happened before. But no, now it fucking goes to the land of star trek picard. 

Speaking of Picard, I started rewatching Deep Space 9. Check out this scene from an episode called Duet. And compare it with anything from Star Trek Picard.

Apparently, certain people in the hardcore Trek community hate DS9. I have no fucking idea why. THIS is how you do something a bit heavier in the Star Trek universe without going full asshole. I can’t imagine Picard having anything resolved via a dialogue scene. If this particular scene was in Picard, that Cardassian would have been decapitated. 

DS9 is probably still my personal favorite incarnation of Trek. Mostly because I started watching Trek right when the first season of DS9 was airing. But also I think I like this world. Western town at the end of the universe. A place to hitch your wagon. Maybe its just I live my life by the 75th Rule of Acquisition, “Home is where the heart is….but the stars are made of latinum.” 

Anyway, take a look. No one makes television like this these days. 

Lately, we been out here trying to get at that money. And I think we not mooching directly enough. This shit right here, this is how you do it. 

As long time readers know, I am a big fan of scotch whisky. As with anything that anyone enjoys, I have tried to learn more about it. With the internet at your disposal, hobbies can become progressively too much. So, I have spread my brain all over the interwebs, and I ended up at the Whisk(e)y Vault, my favorite of all things whisky out there.  

And they do a thing that all moochers should do….get ostentatious when it comes to thanking viewers. They have plenty of people donate bottles of whisky for them to try on the channel. So much so that they have had to invent tiers of donors. Well, things have gotten a touch out of hand. Where it now takes like 4-5 minutes to get to the review. 

And I fucking love it. Its so stupid and insane, everyone should be doing this. Take a gander. 

As for us on the homestead, we are grappling with the return to reality. We have been fortunate enough to stay employed, do our jobs from home, and stay really busy. Well, now, my wife has to go back to the office. We have no choice in the matter. So, we have to come to grips with what many already have to deal with. Exposure just to earn a living. Dying for the Dow. 

Neither of us are too happy about this, but its something we got to let play out. We knew the day would come, but I think we thought it would be on our terms. I suppose such is life. 

It also doesn’t help that the latest conservative turn of this is just that anyone left leaning is a coward. Everyone should go out and start eating farts and rubbing their mouth on any public service just so their favorite stock can get another point. 

I think it may be partially a “you shouldn’t tell people what they can’t do thing.” 

Or maybe its really a certain type of person cant bare to be alone with their thoughts. So they go to a fucking giant public cesspool of disease.  


I don’t think of myself as a coward. I just think of myself as being an adult enough to make practical sacrifices of superficial desires in order to, you know, not fucking die. 

Hedonism doesn’t have a full grip on me yet, which is apparently more I can say for most. 

I suppose thats it for now. More about the ramp up as it comes. I may do another review of some kind in between. I like the break. For now, stay safe. Stay away from assholes. 


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