The! New! Plague! – #14

So yeah, remember that last post about my son getting hurt.  Well, he woke up the next morning with extremely limited motion. 

Ended up at the pediatrician. Massive break in the OTHER clavicle. The SAME DAY went to a pediatric orthopedist. Got him a special immobilizer, but it will heal on his own. 

When I tell you how shitty that fucking day was, I am not kidding. Fuckin shit sucked. 

For example, I go to get in my car to take my son to the first doctor. Car wont start. Turns out the battery was dead, I got that fixed on Friday. 

Spent a good chunk of the day either sitting in my car waiting for the appointment or rushing in and out of doctors offices. To date, its the most exposure to the outside world I have had since the crisis. We had our new hand sanitizer, and I got masks for everyone involved, including my son. 

Its been three days, 11 more to go. I wonder if this is what it will be like. Just constantly on a quarantine counting down days. 

And YET, there are STILL people YOLO’ing out there. I saw a man who must at least be in his 50s, big ass gut, wearing a Toby Keith shirt. Walking into a lab complex that had radiology (my son’s x-ray) and an oncology clinic. So like the worst place to expose people. 


That was my real takeaway from the entire excursion. The scope of people who don’t give a shit. It is wild to me. I have never been that cavalier about my life. I have always cared if I lived or died? Does this make me a coward? Absolutely. But at least I know. I would rather be a coward who is a alive than a dead soul with bravery. 

I am obsessed with the meme of 2020. The Ghana pallbearers are incredible. In a way, its a wholesome meme, mainly because they are out here to celebrate. And they are aware of how big of a performance it is. And I am really glad they are ok with the meme. In a way it does give me some kind of hope……that positivity still exists in the world.

 Now that SNL At Home is over for now, I am not sure how I feel about it. Its an odd format, and its definitely not that show. 

THAT BEING SAID, I think its been getting a ton of hate out there on the internet. Undeservedly. I can’t imagine what its like to wrangle any of this without the crucible of 30 Rock. 

Let us hope we are back to SNL at 30 Rock by the time the winter starts. 

Definitely getting closer and closer to my childhood in my movie watching. 

I think Blues Brothers gets a bum rap, probably for its latter day sins. But two big things coming out of this movie. Alot of these fucking LEGENDS weren’t working. The legend in the video below had just cut a Disco version of this song. DISCO. Jesus fucking christ this world. 

The best thing you can say about the Blues Brothers is that a ton of people who should have been paid in their prior life FINALLY got paid. 

The other great thing was life. You can feel the life in this movie. Nothing about it is stilted. It feels ALIVE. Every part of it. Its still good after all these years. 

Are we in the end game now Tinky Winky? What does the end even look like for this? Will we know? Will we ever know? 

Did we just luck out? My guess….this aint over. I dunno if it will come back in the fall….but I feel like one way or another, COVID-19 will haunt us for sometime to come. I know it will for me. 

And so we start another week. I am exausted man. I need a vacation. Hopefully you hip cats and chicks out in daddio land are managing to find some kind of rest out there. 

I will look for some at some point. Till then’


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