The! New! Plague! – #13

So, on Monday night, something happened that was inevitable. 

My son, in his infinite wisdom, decided to jump on our bed, slipped. Grabbed stuff on the way down that slowed his descent, but landed on his shoulder. 

Then it became a question of injury assessment. Was it like when he broke his clavicle

Well, HE decided it was, and acted as such. Making it impossible for my wife and I to actually assess if he needed to go to the doctor. 

I really hate the choice is 1) See if its a bruise or a break 2) Get the plague and die. 

Thats really what it feels like. So, we waited out yesterday. Certain signs pointed to we didn’t need to go. Like when we werent looking he would put is weight on the bad shoulder. 

This morning, he woke up with full range of motion. It only hurt when he over extended his arm. And it was only a little whine. Not no big screams like we got monday night. I tapped on his shoulder, nothing. Talked to the pediatrician and we decided not to go in.

I think what pushed me over the edge was this, imagine all those people without insurance. They wouldnt go in for this. We will keep monitoring and if his behavior doesnt go back to normal by end of week, we will end up at the doctor on monday. 

But, I have a feeling by tomorrow he will be feeling fine. Hes already playing with his legos again and moving around. So thats good. 


All of this shit is just another stress. Another fucking thing to worry about. Doctors say not to drink but got damn man. How do you get through the stresses of this shit?

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 Memes have been strong this week

Or at least, I am paying attention to more memes. Heres some good shit

I think having even mediocre sequels can ruin how people remember a film. I personally think if they would have never done a sequel of the first Ocean’s Eleven remake we would look back on that movie among one of the great heist movies. 

And also, Bernie Mac. God DAMN Bernie Mac……..i fucking miss that dude. 

I will defend that Ocean’s Eleven forever. That is a good ass movie.

I have now gone DEEP into the land of D&D.  Here’s what I learned from when I dove deep in there the last time. Got damn, there is much more about the other planes of existence. The endgame of D&D is travelling all kinds of fantastical worlds. I think thats fascinating and sort of a really compelling place to explore. 

I can only hope that BG3 or one of its expansions goes that far. 


So, America goes YOLO against the world.

There is still an element of america that wants nothing to do with it. You know how I know this. Fuck polling. If you search Toilet Paper on amazon, they have started carrying commercial items. Shit you would only get from CINTAS or something. 

Supply chain will always tell you the truth, and people aren’t going out. 

I can only hope that will prevent the spike. Otherwise, we are in for an EVEN MORE rough rest of the year. 

Its just like, homie is it worth it? Is it worth it to go to Panera Bread, get yo pick 2, and read the paper with no mask and shit. 

I hope it is….otherwise you just bring back the plague. 

If you are wondering how to pronounce the name of fuckin moron and Grimes’ baby. Don’t worry. Got you covered.

 Well, that’s it for now. Stabilization will hit again at some point. Maybe. Stay safe, stay clean, stay human. 

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