The! New! Plague! – #12

 So it begins. My wife’s work is thinking about opening up next week. Got a bunch of masks in, but I have no hand sanitizer. I had a bunch of it right before the crisis hit, but I was down to my last bottle. 

Luckily, my local brewery is making their own. So, I placed an order to go it. It was my first time since the crisis that I went somewhere that wasn’t a grocery store or a pharmacy. 

Picture the downtown of a college town. One long road, about 3 miles long. Filled with bars, restaurants, clubs, there’s even a wedding venue. The brewery I was going to is at the end of that road. 

Friday at 2pm.

I probably saw 100+ people out there. Getting curbside food and beer. Eating at the picnic tables on the sidewalk. Social distancing, but I could count the number of masks I saw on one hand (not counting the workers, who were masked and gloved up). 

I kind of wonder if some of the YOLO crowd got shamed into staying home. Now that things are easing, they are running for the hills. Its fucking weird to see it. 

I wonder if this is how it ends. With the need to get an artisanal burger and craft beer.

Here’s that shit I was talking about last time. Got damn it turned out dope. And royalty free!

Watching Rio Bravo. Got damn that thing is a weird fucking double stuf oreo of a movie. Its got everything you want. John Wayne in the John Wayne roll. Dean Martin actually doing decent playing a drunk (aka himself). A really well shot chamber play of a western

I think that’s why I connect with it right now. Feel like I am locked in a building with the hordes trying to get in. The film is certainly a much more flamboyant approach to it than like The Hateful Eight

And it also has the most awkward, no reason for it to be there scene in cinema history

YOLO Whitey be out here spittin on cops and shit

Thats the thing that kills me. Could you imagine if anyone of color stormed a capital building with guns. Shit would turn into Fallujah in two seconds. But oh no. Overweight assholes who think they own the world are out here screaming at the police and runnin guns through the capital. 

Its just depressing man. Its tough to see the actual functions of privilege happen in real time. I know it happens every day but now it just feels like an Onion article.

 NERD Corner. More nerdy shit I am using to cope. I’m playing a ton of MTG Arena. I like that it gives full free decks that are half way decent, so you can build up to shit you like. What shit do I like? Bullshit. That’s right. I am blue black all the way with an emphasis on blue. But some times, I will turn a corner for some STRONG bullshit. That tasty shame. Shame springs eternal as we all know.

Would you like to see what ACTUAL bullshit looks like? 

Ok, here you go.

This weekend is going to be us deciding how we handle the plague. If my wife is headed to work, do we go back to normal? What does that even look like anymore? Do we risk catching dat rona? I suppose so. I feel like this doesn’t have to be that hard, but it is. 

People are stupid yall. Don’t be dumb out there. Stay safe. Mask up. Keep yo flava fresh. 


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